7YW kicks it off in Greenville SC

I’m not sure how you spent your first weekend of 2023, but I spent it watching Anderson, SC’s very own Seven Year Witch. They played to a sold out Radio Room in Greenville (January 7th).

The band consists of four extremely energetic and talented members: Aaron Langford (vocalist), Seth Burden (drummer), Spencer Burden (bass guitarist), and Beau Anderson (guitarist). Originally forming in 2013 under the name “Doc Holiday” they decided in 2018 to change the name to Seven Year Witch. On average these guys do 100+ shows a year. After seeing them demolish Radio Room I don’t know how they have the energy. It must be those three cups of Ramen a day!

Right off the bat, Aaron brought the energy that the crowd came to see. Each member followed by taking turns amping the crowd up little by little till they launched into “Shit Keeps Happening.” As the set continued, they dedicated a special piece to all of the mothers in the crowd. If you know, you know. The cover of Akon’s “I Want to Love You” started out so soft and melodic then quickly built into a roaring number, grabbing everyone off of their feet. Seth and Spencer kept the rhythmic drive during the whole setlist. Leaving everything, mostly sweat and pieces of clothing, on the stage. As Aaron continued covering every inch of the stage and giving 100% of himself to the music and fans. Guitarist Beau continuously ripped chord after chord, carrying a boasting sound that could be heard beyond the walls of Radio Room.

As the show came to an end, Seven Year Witch was more than happy to meet and chat with every single person in the building. Shaking hands, signing all sorts of things, and taking pictures with adoring fans. These guys are genuinely thankful for each and every person who supports them.

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