A Day With Role Model

Ending the first leg of his TOURx shows, Tucker Pillsbury, better known under his stage name “Role Model,” the young pop star spent some time connecting with fans before taking the stage at The Showbox.

With a line, full of teenage girls, wrapping around the inside and outside of the store, fans anticipated Pillsbury’s arrival to Easy Street Records. To promote his latest record, Rx, Easy Street had the pleasure of hosting a cd signing and meet and greet for the musician. Upon his arrival in a hunter green knit sweater and rose-tinted shades, I was presented the opportunity to get some shots of Pillsbury in the store.

Pillsbury holds a unique and playful connection with his fans- Greeting each and every single one with a warm hug. Conversations filled with inside jokes and playful banter filled the area.

A short five hours after the event at Easy Street ended, doors opened for the show. The crowd’s excitement and energy were reminiscent of an early 2000s boyband concert. Despite the predictable Seattle rain pouring down all day, dedicated fans lined up to secure a spot as close to Role Model as possible. The hands of fans were filled with signs and gifts for their idol. Once the lights turned off, fans squealed and filled the venue with energy. The opening act, The Blssm, ran up onto the stage in what seemed to be an outfit that Olivia Rodrigo would wear. Their songs were a mix of pop meets angst.

After warming up the crowd and repeatedly asking the audience, “Are you guys ready for Role Model?,” The Blssm strutted off the stage and Role Model hopped on. Pillsbury spoke into the microphone and said that the only rule during the concert was to sing every lyric. Leading the start of the show with if jesus saves, she’s my type. Going back to the singers connection with their following being unique and playful, the show felt intimate and like a bunch of friends just hanging out. Out of all the concerts I’ve been to, I have never seen an artist interact with fans as much as Role Model. With comments about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, the singer knew how to make his demographic go wild.

Role Model’s lyrics are catchy, there’s no way for me to analyze them further. The topic of finding his dream girl continues throughout all of his discography. With an excited and devoured crowd, Role Model was sure to express his appreciation for the city, saying “I love it here. I fucking love it here. I know I’m supposed to say that at every show, but I didn’t say it in Tucson.”

Despite having a relatively short setlist, Role Model made the crowds time worth while and stayed energetic during every minute. What made the entire concert worth while for me was hearing my favorite Role Model song, blind. My opinion on this song seemed to be common as fans were as thunderous as ever as soon as the first verse started.

Regardless of being a relatively small and new artist, Role Model is making a name for himself and is ensuring that his name is going to end up on the scene.