A Moody Night With Cigarettes After Sex In Seattle

With summer officially winding down, Seattle is returning to its average state of overcast skies accompanied by chilly breezes, and Cigarettes After Sex perfectly matched the city’s energy on their sold-out September 12th show. Cigarettes After Sex’s style is best described as softcore and neo-psychedelia dream pop. This is music that has you sulk in your emotions, rather than dance freely up and down, but it was a memorable night nonetheless.

Emerging from one of the thickest clouds of fog I have ever seen- The band took the stage as fans cheered on. The stage setup was minimal and the lights were dimly lit, which is not surprising knowing the band’s iconic black-and-white aesthetic. The simple artistic choices left the music to be the sole point of attention.

“I wanna line my walls with photographs you sent,” lead vocalist, Greg Gonzalez, sings out, opening the show with “Crush.” With a fifteen-song setlist and no supporting act, the night was over far too quick, but still, the concert-goers sang, cried, and swayed the whole time.

With life seeming like it’s in a constant rush, taking a night to decompress with Cigarettes After Sex seemed necessary. Don’t let the slow jams deceive you, the show was show-stopping and striking in its own way, and Cigarettes After Sex is definitely an artist that everyone should see live at least once.

Cigarettes After Sex will continue their tour down the coast and then head to the eastern side of the country, having sold out every last one of their upcoming U.S. shows, but if you are given the chance to snag a ticket to a show, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.