An Evening with dodie

Dodie Clark performed to a sold out audience at the Underground in Charlotte, NC this past Tuesday and I got a front row seat.

Dodie Clark (she/they), aka dodie, also lovingly known online as doddleoddle, lit up The Underground in Charlotte, NC this past Tuesday. I was lucky enough to gain full access to this sold out show, meet Dodie, and grab a few shots of her and their band before the evening began.

Before going backstage, I was able to catch Lizzy McAlpine open the night. The 22-year old singer played an all acoustic set where she performed her hits “Apple Pie” and “Pancakes for Dinner,” a cover of Wheatus’ “Teenage Dirtbag,” and new songs of her upcoming album five seconds flat, which is being released April 8th. 

After Lizzy’s set, I had the absolute pleasure of being invited into Dodie’s green room where I was met with a gospel song being blasted through a speaker. Dodie quickly explained that because the song had 4 key changes, which she graciously pointed out to me as each one happened, it was the perfect warm up song. I instantly felt welcomed by them and their band as we talked about cameras, YouTube, being gaslit by guys, and so much more. I have personally been a fan of Dodie since 2016 from watching her YouTube videos. I fell in love with her personality and how they could write a song that could explain just how I felt about almost anything. Many others must have felt the same because I could feel the love radiating throughout the sold out crowd that night.

I followed Dodie and her band as they ran out on stage to greet an adoring crowd. She opened with “Air So Sweet” followed by “Cool Girl” and numerous other hits. They performed a nineteen song set, going through “Sadville,” as Dodie called it, which included a sad girl mashup, “Sick of Losing Soulmates,” and “When.” The night continued with upbeat tunes like “Boys Like You,” “Monster,” and my personal favorite, “In the Middle.”

She finished with “Hate Myself,” the well-loved single off her 2021 album Build a Problem which also happens to be the title of the tour. Dodie will forever have a special place in my heart, and after this night that place has definitely gotten bigger, as I’m sure it did for many more in the Charlotte, NC audience that night.