Love and Drugs Hits the Streets: Anarbor Dishes About the New Album

On Saturday, September 3, 2022, Anarbor took over The Valley Bar to play a concert commemorating the release of their newest album Love and Drugs. During this show they had two local bands open up, Trouble Boy and Good Boy Daisy. The concert was a great way to connect with fans and to market their newest album to their local fans. Being a local Arizona band made the night much more memorable for the fans. I was lucky enough to catch Slade and Danny for a quick interview before it was their turn to tear up the stage.

Megan: I appreciate you guys taking the time to talk to me. I’m with Music Scene Media, if you guys want to introduce yourself really quick.

Danny: Okay, sure. I’m Danny.

Slade: I’m Slade. I play bass and sing in Anarbor.

Danny: Yeah, I play guitar.

Megan: Awesome. So, you guys just released your album Love and Drugs, and I listened to it. It’s super good. Actually, I’m not going to lie. My favorite songs from you guys are “18”, and then the other one was “You and I”. Those were my two top favorites. So, this album is a completely different sound to me from those first two songs. How did you guys evolve into that?

Slade: Well, getting this guy (points to Danny) in the band around 2016 was definitely a good change for us. It definitely opened the band to a different sound. I think him joining was definitely a big part of it and also us growing as musicians and just writing music all the time in general. There’s got to be some type of [growth], you know, I guess you have to evolve in some way.

Danny: And the way we started writing songs kind of became different because instead of just sitting down with guitars, we started exploring different sounds and instruments and building off of that first.

Megan: That’s really awesome. Do you guys have a specific inspiration for this album?

Slade: Not necessarily. Been getting a lot of people with the feedback that we’ve been getting is, like, a lot of 80s influence, which is just naturally in me, so that could possibly be.

Danny: Yeah, I think we’re both huge fans of 80s, like, guitar sounds and drum sounds, and so I think a lot of that kind of went into it. Yeah, we just kind of broke a ton of songs and then little it down to what felt like they belonged together and just knocked them all out.

Megan: That’s awesome. Do you guys have any specific bands from the 80s that you are drawn to for inspiration or that really tug like a heartstring with you?

Both: Duran Duran, Tears for Fears, Billy Idol, Cindy Lauper, Whitney Houston.

Slade: I mean honestly my parents; they listen to the Top 40; all the pop 80s. So, any hit in there, it was just engraved in me.

Megan: And then on the album, are there any songs that are extremely meaningful to you that maybe other people wouldn’t necessarily think were?

Slade: I do. I would say that “Don’t Call Me Back” definitely has a special meeting. It’s about Tyler, our drummer that passed away. He took his own life back in 200…

Danny:  2017 or 18

Slade: Yeah. So, we kind of wanted to reflect on that.

Megan: Being from Arizona, do you feel like there were more hurdles for you guys to overcome compared to maybe bands in LA, New York or somewhere bigger. And then, if so, how did you overcome those?

Slade: Yeah. Probably being in LA. New York is probably a little bit easier when you got resources and getting stuff finished, but we have a pretty good music scene in Phoenix. I’m not going to lie.

Danny: I think Anarbor definitely didn’t start out as like a lot of bands will start out and grow their local audience before they start hitting the road, and that wasn’t really the case with Anarbor.

Slade: But started to young age, so I think that’s what’s important now. We’re kind of like getting back to our roots.

Megan: That’s really cool. As a transplant, the music scene here is as amazing as it is back home.

Both: Nice.

Megan: I’m from the Bay area.

Both: Oh, hey, I love San Fran.

Megan: I’m from Oakland, it’s just as good and I think that’s what I love about being out here and you guys’ tour. And you guys are about to do another tour with The Higher, correct?

Slade: Yeah. Short tour.

Danny: It’s like four of five days.

Slade: They offered us to do their whole tour, but we just couldn’t make it happen. So, we’re just going to do this west coast leg with them. But it’s going to be fun.

Megan: Is there anything you’re really looking forward to on this tour, even though it’s short?

Danny: God, getting out of Phoenix, I feel like I’ll suddenly touch on other places I’ve been playing for so long, so we always want all of our socials to come here, come here. So finally, we get to go on to a written tour in a long time. And that’s a short tour.

Megan: Either way, it’s like, get on it.

Slade: And honestly, the way that the music industry works now, unless it’s like a super awesome crazy worth the tour. I feel probably small lakes here and there. I don’t really see us doing like 30 days on a bus right now.

Danny: Unless it’s like a really great opportunity. We’re not trying to tour just to tour.

Slade: Because streaming is so important right now. And festivals are very important. So, I think we have other priorities on our list then to do a 30-day tour.

Danny: Yeah.

Megan: Out of all your tours, is there any bands that you like? Touring was the best and then were there any that gave you some really good advice?

Slade: Yeah, we toured some great bands. I think back in the day, the alumni bands that we had going on definitely talked a lot while being on the road. They definitely showed us how to live that lifestyle and we just carried around, and showed a bunch of other people and kind of became the vets. Even though we were still looking to the vets. The older band taught us a lot, for sure.

Megan: I have two more questions and then I’ll get out of your hair. Do you have any rituals you have to do pre-show?

Slade: We usually do a shot before we go on.

Danny:  Yeah, we usually do just a shot of tequila and then kind of, on three, we all say something.

Slade: Nothing crazy. I liked it. Yeah, nothing crazy.

Megan: And then my last question, as being Arizona natives, do you have any places that you absolutely, you come back from Tour, you absolutely have to go to. It’s like a place to eat, a place to visit, something like that.

Slade: Big fan of San Francisco, love going there. Seattle, Chicago, New York, any of those places.

Danny: When you come home.

Slade: My house, my bed. My fucking bed. No, I’m not kidding. That’s what I look forward to the most is just going and laying in my bed and sleeping. And then the next is probably getting really stoned.

Danny: Yeah. Mexican food. We have the best Mexican food. So, it’s the truth. It’s always nice when you come home and get some of that. And also, just like the simplicity of getting around from being in a van trailer or whatever for a while.


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