Arlo Parks Shines Through Seattle

Following the release of her debut album, “Collapsed In Sunbeams,” Arlo Parks announced her 2021 tour, which was later rescheduled to 2022. With multiple sold-out shows, including Seattle, Arlo Parks had an expectation to uphold and that is exactly what she did.

I had recently seen her in March, when she opened for Clairo, therefore I had a pre-existing notion of how talented and entertaining Arlo Parks was, and she definitely upheld those ideas during her own show.

Prefacing the show, Puma Blue came in with an alternative indie sound that clearly pulled influences from the era of 50’s jazz. With songs carried by the bass guitar and alto saxophone, the band simply seemed to be in their own little world and played as if there was no crowd watching. Overall, the set was enjoyable and kept the crowd engaged for the sum of it.

The headliner, Arlo Parks, then skipped onto the stage with a warm smile. Opening the show with, Green Eyes, the artist began singing with a soft voice as the crowd watched in adoration. Other songs on the setlist included “Cola,” “Eugene,” and my personal favorite, “Portra 400.”

Faux sunflowers and warm colors decorated the stage and matched the same comfort that Arlo Parks was radiating. The charged energy in the crowd bounced off of Arlo’s dynamic performance and it was clear that both were feeding off each other.

In consideration of being so young and talented, Arlo has created a strong foundation for the rest of her career. Arlo Parks is very clearly the future of indie pop and her ability to encapsulate raw emotion into song lyrics will shine through above all.

“Cola” by Arlo Parks

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