Artists to Watch in 2023

Recently I read an article about Pandora Music predicting which rock and metal artists to watch for in 2023 and felt inspired to include some additional ones. There are so many out there right now that are killing the game with new releases and tours being announced so it is hard to create a concrete list of everyone to be on the lookout for; however, I chatted with some of my friends to gather their input on who we think you should keep your eye on! While these bands have been around a while and cover different genres, they are sure to have a big 2023!

Bad Omens

There is no doubt that Bad Omens is absolutely killing the metalcore game right now. Even though they have been around since 2015 and have supported acts such as Underoath, A Day to Remember, Parkway Drive, In This Moment, and so on.. This fall they SOLD OUT their *first* headlining tour before it even started. With viral hits such as “Like a Villian”, “Just Pretend”, and “Dethrone”, Bad Omens has mastered mixing the heavy with the soft, songs that will pull at your heart strings and songs that you can scream. While they have not announced any plans for touring/music releases in 2023 yet, I am sure they will keep the momentum and plan some big things for the upcoming year.

Thousand Below

Music Scene Media Editor-in-Chief Melanie Bryan has said “They’ve been releasing killer track after track, and just finished up an epic tour supporting Bad Omens. The guys aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves, as you can tell from their alternate instagram account @999below. They’re also very involved with fan interaction, including their own discord server. In no time they’ve become my new favorite band”. It has been three years since Thousand Below has put out a record; however, they have one coming out on December 9th of this year (Hell Finds You Everywhere). The first track has a feature from Noah Sebastian of Bad Omens, making it a track that will get people excited to hear something new from both Thousand Below and Bad Omens.

Your Spirit Dies

Hailing from Greenville South Carolina (my hometown!), metalcore band Your Spirit Dies has helped strengthen the heavy music/hardcore scene not just in Greenville in the north and southeast since 2019. A few days ago, they released an EP titled Our Saints Drown in Ash, which includes five tracks that are intense in every aspect. Just in the last few weeks, YSD has played some festivals, toured with big names, and have played a ton of shows which will not be slowing down in 2023. Vocalist Brandon Byars said “In the year 2023 with our last EP coming out in December of 2022, we plan to tour pretty heavily on it and hopefully earn some support tours. We’re also in the process of writing a full length in which we hope to record in 2023 as well.” Their EP release show is scheduled for early February, with support from six killer Greenville hardcore bands.


The Welsh post-hardcore band went on a four-year hiatus in 2018 before reappearing this month with a single titled “Great Grief.” Casey has already confirmed some headlining to happen in 2023 starting overseas; however, I think we can expect them to plan something in the US as well as release more new music! The return was completely unexpected, resulting in those shows selling out within a few minutes.

Carly Cosgrove

Philly nostalgiacore band Carly Cosgrove brings humor, iCarly and Drake and Josh references, and pop punk to the table, making them different from other bands we often see. Two weeks ago, The Wonder Years announced a headlining tour with Carly Cosgrove supporting along with Hot Mulligan. They released their first full length album titled See You In Chemistry earlier this year. With 127k listeners on Spotify this year, this band will keep growing as they continue to play with big names this spring. Having seen a Carly Cosgrove show before, they definitely bring a nostalgic pop punk feel and they are super nice people to work with and see live.


Last week Spiritbox announced their first ever US headlining tour with After the Burial and Intervals supporting, as well as their first UK tour. Even though Spiritbox has been around since 2017, they have blown up this past year, making 2023 an even bigger one and a huge chance to catch them live. They have been fast-moving and recently supported Ghost on tour while also playing the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in VA. Spiritbox brings a mix of prog-rock, nu-metal, and heavy metal to the stage, giving the audience a variety of styles in one set.

Foreign Hands

Foreign Hands has been around since 2017 but their recent show schedule has shown they are getting recognition they deserve. Foreign Hands has proved themselves in the hardcore scene and have played with big names and on big festival lineups, including a long list for 2022. They have been supporting Counterparts on their winter tour this year, many dates selling out super fast. This coming year they will be playing a *sold out* LDB fest in Louisville, Kentucky with Knocked Loose, Dying Wish, One Step Closer, and many others.

Attack Attack!

While Attack Attack! is not a new band as they formed in 2007, they just started touring again after taking some time off and have not slowed down since. This past year they co-headline a tour with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and have played some big festivals such as Blue Ridge Rock Fest and So What!. There have been some announcements about tours and new music in the works, in addition to some new logos and teasers posted online. Bassist Cameron Perry told me “We can’t wait to get this new music out for everyone to hear, and we can’t wait to play it all over the country this year. When we said Attack Attack is back, we meant it, and we’re here to stay… Expect a bunch of music and shows this year!” Despite time off in the last few years, Attack Attack! will definitely be making it up to us with all of their plans this upcoming year!


“Alt-rock infused hardcore” band Excide released a full-length album in September of 2022 titled Deliberate Revolver. Excide released their debut EP in 2020 and since then has been compared to popular hardcore bands such as Turnstile. Earlier this year, Brooklyn Vegan magazine included Excide as a top-ten hardcore band that should have a breakthrough in the wake of Turnstile’s success and popularity.


Last week, metalcore band Heirloom released a new single titled “Passenger Seat” that was placed on Spotify’s All New Metal and Rock Hard playlists alongside Left to Suffer, Beartooth, The Amity Affliction, and many more. Heirloom will be touring for their first time alongside Discoveries, hitting eight cities across the Southeast. Vocalist Nolan Kenneth said “Heirloom finished off 2022 releasing 2 hard hitting singles produced by Howard Benson and Neil Sanderson. In 2023, the band plans to keep releasing new music, finish an album, and stay on the road as much as possible”.


It is no secret that, along with Bad Omens, Dayseeker has gained popularity this year from Tiktok and from the release of their newest record, Dark Sun. It has been three years since Dayseeker released a full-length record and it was one that touches on heavy topics and definitely serves the brokenhearted. This week, Silverstein announced a headlining tour with Dayseeker supporting, leading me to believe that Dayseeker will be headlining their own tour by the end of next year.

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