Cavetown in Seattle, WA

Bedroom popstar Cavetown brought his tour to the historic Neptune Theatre on April 16th, with a sold-out show, alongside his openers- Addison Grace and Tessa Violet.

While I can honestly say having more than one opener sometimes loses my attention, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth and range of talent that Addison Grace and Tessa Violet brought. Addison Grace’s songs and stage presence perfectly match their surname. Despite soft vocals and instrumentals, the versatility of Grace kept the crowd in awe. There was something especially comforting about Addison Grace’s energy, which can carry them a long way in the industry.

After Grace Addison’s set, we had the pleasure to watch the playful and energetic Tessa Violet in her element. Throughout her set, I questioned whether I was at a concert or a comedy show. Violet knows her audience well and encapsulated the spirit of Generation Z humor in her remarks. While this is a heavy statement, I mean every word- Tessa Violet is one of the most ebullient and positive performers I have ever seen live. Without even mentioning the vocals she belted, the singer did not rest from running from one side of the stage to another, jumping up and down, and rocking her head to the beats. I got exhausted just from watching her do all of that. There is no doubt that she warmed up the crowd for Cavetown.

Deafening screams charged the venue when Cavetown came out. Cavetown’s lyrics are detailed and well descriptive. Focusing on the crowd, the fans were responsive and entirely engaged, whether this was done by waving, singing, or screaming. The crowd’s demographic portrayed a diverse group, yet most being teenagers. Cavetown produced one of those concerts where everyone could forget about their life outside the venue for a couple of hours and just have fun in the moment. Creating a warm and welcoming environment is something that not every artist has the talent to do, but in this case, I can safely say that Cavetown nailed that ability.