Dallas Independent Entertainment & The Last Minute Matinee Show

Dallas Independent Entertainment & Howling Mutt Brewery in Denton, TX worked some magic and pulled off a last minute matinee show this past weekend and it was truly an evening to remember. The show had some amazing acts from the Dallas – Fort Worth area as well as some out-of-towners: Ghosthouse, Blind Equation, Deep Incision, & Strawberry Hospital.

Opening up the show was Ghosthouse. The band hit the stage with such an energy that set the evening off on the right foot. The music was not only masterfully written but was also so intense the crowd could not help but throw down and mosh to. Crunchy bass lines from Miah Hernandez (bass), amazing riffs from Brandon Arriola (guitar), and a nonstop barrage of amazing drum-work from Justin Rios. The crowd continued to lose their minds as the vocalist delivered just an amazing performance while moshing with the crowd. It would be unsurprising if this band does not elevate to new levels very quickly.

Coming to the stage next was Blind Equation. I came to know this band from a random post on Twitter and I am so happy I did. From James McHenry (vocals) delivering a wide range of vocals including some nasty lows and some bone chilling highs to Jeffrey Kornfield (live keytar) enchanting everyone to Bill Kaszubowski (live drums), the entire band delivered a truly memorable experience. The band did nothing but get the crowd going with a genre called “cybergrind” and it just hit different. This band is going places and will be here to stay.

Deep Incision took the stage next and the crowd was warmed up and ready to continue the mosh. Lilith Ross & Nate Houk (guitars) delivered a performance with such intensity, the crowd needed a minute to pick their jaws up from the ground. Nic Medearis (bass) just looked like they belonged on stage with a presence that radiated a masterful energy. Foch Bailey (drums) continued to keep that mosh going by just not stopping behind the kit. Seeing him have the time of his life while playing such heavy music was a sight to be seen. While the entire band did an amazing job, we can’t forget Sketch Caballero (vocals). The vocalist just had this energy that said “I am the going to melt your face” and that is exactly what happened while throwing down with the crowd. This band is on their way to performing on some big festivals in the future.

Strawberry Hospital closed out the night with an entire switch in vibes. Going from an evening of moshing, two-stepping, and screaming, we entered a sunset move to evening with an emotional rollercoaster of all the feels. The emotions that poured out from Neptune Gomez who masterfully applied themselves to vocals, guitar, keyboard, and samples was evident that night. The vibes were real as they continued to play as the sun went down and you watched the crowd just enjoy every second of the performance up until the end. It was truly a matinee show to remember.


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