Easy Life in Seattle, WA

The 5-man alternative indie group coming across the water from the United Kingdom stopped in Seattle for a night and I was able to cover the show. This alternative indie group had fans of all ages coming into the city to see them perform.

Despite the 650 capacity venue not being packed, Easy Life still performed with their hearts out. I went into this show not knowing what to expect, but the group definitely grasped my attention. From what I was getting, their music seemed like a mix between Brockhampton and The 1975. While the crowd seemed to focus on the enthusiastic frontman, my attention was caught on the guitarist, Lewis Alexander Berry. His talent on the guitar shot through the venue and was unquestionably something that stuck out.

I feel as if the colorful and bright lights on stage perfectly encapsulated the aura of the British group. In addition, the band presented a diverse array of instruments, such as a saxophone and keyboard- Which I don’t typically see at indie concerts. However, the instrumentals blended well with lead singer Murray Matraver’s vocals. To note, their youthful energy radiated through the venue and almost was cinematic, (I kind of felt like I was watching a band from a 90’s coming of age movie.)

Overall, I think that the future of Easy Life is auspicious as the cool and fun spark of this group will carry them far.