Enterprise Earth bring the heat to Dallas, TX


Picture this: You wake up to an already hot and humid Friday morning in the lovely city of Dallas, Texas. You turn on the weather channel & they tell you, “it’s going to be over 100˚ so stay inside.” Now, you could always listen to them, but you have different plans. After work you’re going to the infamous Club Dada in Deep Ellum, Texas to enjoy some wholesome and family-friendly deathcore. Well, at least that was my plan for Friday.

 Washington-state natives Enterprise Earth released the highly anticipated album The Chosen earlier this year. Currently on tour, fittingly named The Chosen Tour, with support from Great American Ghost, Sentinels, and Within Destruction. Only a week into the tour with another month to go, this tour is sure to solidify Enterprise Earth as a band not to be slept on.

Opening band on the tour is Great American Ghost. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, the band shows they are a force to be reckoned with. While I am a fairly new fan of the band (my first time seeing them was a few years back when The Ghost Inside played the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts) they quickly became a favorite of mine. The energy the band brings is just unmatched. Energy. Energy is something that singer Ethan Harrison must get from the deathcore or hardcore gods themselves because he just radiates it. Watching him perform and interact with the crowd on-stage, and at the merch table, is something that just makes you fall in love with the music and scene all over again. If you ever get a chance to see Great American Ghost perform live, you must go. You will not be disappointed.

Coming up next is Sentinels. All the way from New Jersey, the band has a sound that can only be described as crunchy and crisp. You know when you hear a song for the first time and that sound you hear happens? You know the one I’m talking about. The type of sound that makes the hair on your arm and back of your neck stand up. The sort of sound that gives you goosebumps. The kind of noise that makes you just move because sitting still is driving you crazy. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. The band plays with such a technical style that shows that this is something they are passionate about. This was my first time seeing the band perform live and they definitely know how to get a crowd into it. It is no surprise they were picked up and signed to the legendary Sharptone Records.

Okay. At this point in the evening, it is easily 105˚ outside, add another 10˚ inside the venue. You’re tired, dripping in sweat, and ready to collapse. You’d think you could take it easy during the next band’s set. But then Slovenian legends Within Destruction take the stage and you can’t help but get back on your feet to rage. Now, I’m not saying I’m biased, but I love this band. I’ve been listening to them since high school, and I think one of the main reasons is because the band is heavy. They slam you with that intense deathcore, down-tuned sound, hit you with some straight nasty gutturals and squeals, and make you want to just bounce. Listening to Within Destruction just brought me back to the days of coming home from school, going onto YouTube, and watching every suggested deathcore music or lyric video. If the band’s sound doesn’t keep your attention, their merch absolutely will.

Last but certainly not least. The meat and potatoes, or seitan and potatoes for all our plant-based readers. Enterprise. Earth. What a band. I still remember all those years ago when Enterprise Earth was picked up by Stay Stick Recordings. Remember them? Yeah, you remember. I thought “this is the band that is going to blow up and put deathcore on the map!” My first time seeing the band perform was earlier this year when they were one of the opening bands for Fit For An Autopsy. I believe this was the first set of shows with now permanent member, vocalist Travis Worland. The band also consist of bassist Dakota Johnson, drummer Brandon Zackey, & guitarist Gabe Mangold. First and foremost, this is a band that you can tell loves music and loves what they do. I absolutely love watching Enterprise Earth perform because of that reason. Seeing the crowd involvement proves that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way about the band. If you are unfamiliar with the band, listen to “Psalm of Agony”. Stop reading, go listen to this absolute banger, and come back. I could easily write an entire article about this single. Between crushing vocals, melodic melodies, a smidge of prog-metal vibes, some moments of slowing down, a barrage of crisp drum playing, and let’s call it a baby breakdown leading into a breakdown of just indescribable chaos to a chunky hardcore two-step closer. The song is nearly 7 minutes long and full of everything you need in a song. Enterprise Earth is out here crushing the scene and proving they will be a household name one day.

 If you can, go and see these bands on this tour. Not only are they a bunch of high-class musicians, but they are also a bunch of high-class individuals who prove over and over they are here for the music and care about their fans enjoying themselves. If you are unable to Enterprise Earth on their headlining tour within the next month, you’re in luck because they will be hitting the road again in October through November supporting Shadow of Intent.


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