Enterprise Earth & “The World Without Us”

Header – James Jardee (Instagram linked below)

Enterprise Earth released their single “Death Magick” at the beginning of the month, but it seems the band is not slowing down on their release schedule. Their newest single, “The World Without Us“, is out now and it is nothing less than amazing.

Band Portrait – Dementula (Twitter linked below)

After “Psalm of Agony” and “Death Magick”, I was sure this song would also open with just a blast of anger and heaviness. But, Gabe Mangold (guitar) starts to serenade listeners with an almost math-rock type of guitar playing that gets you hooked right away. Brandon Zackey (drums) starts to come in on the drums and gets the body moving with some amazing fills on the kit that has you dancing just 20 seconds into the song. Travis Worland (vocals) starts to sing an almost haunting melody that captivates the soul. The bass lines coming from Dakota Johnson (bass) counterbalancing the vocals almost makes the listener want to throw down and mosh all while running up to a friend for a tearful hug.

While the entire song is an absolute masterpiece, one of my favorite moments is around the 2 minute mark where Enterprise Earth reminds the listener that they are not to be messed with and unleash a chef’s kiss of a breakdown complete with Mangold shredding the guitar, Zackey demolishing his kit, and Johnson blasting away on the bass. Worland releases the demons and delivers some amazing gutturals and screams. While this breakdown was just what my little deathcore heart wanted, it is a small snippet and does not take away from the emotion of the song. It almost seems like the band wants to remind the world that “heavy” doesn’t necessarily just mean you need to have blast beats, breakdowns, and animal sounding vocals. This song is different but very much feels like Enterprise Earth. The band explains the difference in sound in the tweet attached.

Trying to compare the evolution of the band and the growth of the musicians, I would say it is a similar path to that of Architects, The Devil Wears Prada, and Beartooth. The heaviness and aggressiveness is still there, but even in change, the band is able to remain true to themselves. To use an old expression, they are simply refining themselves like a nice glass of wine. If these two singles are any indication on the direction the band is taking, I would put all my money on a bet that they are well on their way to becoming one of the biggest bands of the year.


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