EVERCLEAR Celebrates 30 Years of World of Noise

I remember growing up and discovering the Sparkle and Fade album by Everclear that my brother owned. He owned the only CD player in the house, so I would anxiously wait for him to leave so that I could immerse myself into “Summerland”.

Everclear is a post-grunge/alt rock band that formed in 1991 by Art Alexakis, who is the only remaining founding member. Since the departure of the found bassist and drummer, they have been replaced by Freddy Herrera on bass and Brian Nolan on drums. The band has put out a total of 10 studio albums, and is currently on their 30th anniversary tour for World of Noise.


On a very rainy evening in Kannapolis, NC, hundreds of eager fans braved the storm for a chance to see Everclear perform. The show ended up being delayed but, thankfully, was eventually able to kick off and Everclear took the stage around 9:30pm. Between songs, Art commented on the rainfall, and said that we had probably been sitting at home thinking it probably wouldn’t have happened. But he wanted everyone to know that they may be old, but they’re definitely still tough.

The Kannapolis show was set up by the city’s Concerts In The Park summer series, and is a free event. This was a one-off show, but there’s still time to catch their tour before the tour concludes on October 21st.


8/13/22 San Pedro
8/19/22 Marietta OH
8/20/22 Sunbury PA
8/21/22 Altoona PA
8/27/22 Niagara Falls ON Canada
9/2/22 Huron SD
9/3/22 Henderson NV
9/9/22 Columbia IL
9/17/22 Altoona IA
10/21/22 Highland CA




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