In November, the LA-based Fencer released their single “Joseph Courtney.” This rock trio is gearing up to drop their debut album, Fencer, on February 3. The band consists of vocalist Field Cate, bassist Scott Suave, and drummer Cameron Suave. As if the band wasn’t talented enough, their album will be entirely self-produced, with mixing by Henry Lunetta and mastering by Zach Fisher.

“Joseph Courtney” has a quintessential rock ‘n’ roll sound. The track opens with a gritty guitar and soulful vocals, immediately painting a picture for the listener. The bass and drums underscore the guitar and vocal melodies, deepening the color without ever overpowering. Fencer works together to beautifully blend blues and rock. It’s smooth, with the passion and energy building throughout the track.

About two minutes in, the character of Joseph Courtney officially introduces himself. Cate strains and distorts his voice, lyrically begging the audience for attention. Joseph Courtney is Cate’s alter ego once he hits the stage. “He’s a star. Someone and something I aspire to be. A concept that cures my insecurities and allows me to lose a bit of sanity,” he said. The lyrics tell a crystal-clear story of someone that is yearning to perform on stage.

It’s obvious that Fencer are total masters of their craft. They have complete control of the track the entire time. Everything from the tonal quality to the timbre and color is expertly designed. They have set the bar high for the remainder to the album, so be sure to keep an eye on them for the February 3 release.




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