Guardin’s Voluntary Confinement tour came to Hell at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on February 28th. He was accompanied by Tommy Ice and  sewerperson. The show was kicked off by Tommy Ice, who spent most of his set standing on the barricade of the photo pit interacting with the audience. Sewerperson was next, though he did a song with Tommy before his set began. When Sewerperson came out, the crowd began to go absolutely wild. They began chanting “Sewer!” and singing along to nearly every one of his songs. 

The hype only increased for Guardin as he was carried out onto the stage. Due to rolling his ankle a couple shows prior, he is unable to walk on it to avoid messing it up further. He was seated for most of his performance but it was clear that he wanted to be up and active with the audience. Near the end of his set, he asked if the crowd would match his energy if he got up. He began hopping around on one foot as the crowd in turn jumped around in place! It was amazing to see. Even when he was seated, his excitement could not be contained. At one point between songs, a fan yelled, “Thank you for saving my life!” to which he replied, “No, thank you for saving mine!” He told us all before his final song, “i think you’re really cool” that the past few years have meant everything to him and he loves us all so much and appreciates our support. He’s a genuinely humble human being and it shows at every turn. Covering this show was a dream come true to me as he’s definitely my favorite artist. 

The Masquerade was established in 1988 in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, and eventually moved to its current location, nestled in the “Underground” of downtown Atlanta, in 2016. The venue is divided into the 3 phases of the afterlife: Purgatory (capacity 300), Hell (capacity 550), and Heaven (capacity 1000). The genres typically represented at The Masquerade are mostly alternative music styles, like indie-rock, metal, punk-rock, and electronic. The first-ever Warped Tour actually took place at The Masquerade, among many notable artists of a variety of genres. Guardin and friends definitely fit this venue’s “alternative” bill perfectly. 


3/1/22 Nashville, TN

3/4/22 Dallas, TX

3/5/22 San Antonio, TX

3/7/22 Phoenix, AZ 

3/8/22 San Diego, CA 

3/9/22 Los Angeles, CA 




-old roots


-driveway 2

-dim, dark, depleting

-pink lemonade 

-i wonder


-me, myself, & i

-at least i try





-hope again


-take away the pain

-demons in my orbit

-i think you’re really cool




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