Hoodie Allen’s Stop In Charlotte, NC Went Off With “No Interruption”

Fans were overjoyed to finally see Hoodie Allen back in Charlotte, NC at The Underground for the first time since 2019. He even offered a free meet & greet to his fans for the hour between the doors opening and the beginning of the show. Any fan with a Super VIP ticket had already been in the venue for about ninety minutes before doors opened to General Admission for a more intimate meet & greet. This was really cool to see and it speaks volumes about how much Hoodie Allen values his fanbase after all these years.

The only support act on this stop of the tour, Beleganas, came out hot and ready to win the crowd over which didn’t take long at all. Beleganas was formed in Phoenix, Arizona, and features frontmen and vocalists Joey J and Shanker, as well as drummer Nick Wille. According to their website, “They began writing music in 2016 and have released a number of singles detailing teen angst and punk-style anthems through hip-hop sonics.” After seeing them live I cannot think of a more fitting description, their energy on stage was polarizing. I don’t think the crowd was too familiar with them before they graced the stage but they definitely won’t be forgetting anytime soon after the performance they put on. Be sure to check out their music here and their Instagram link is here.

Hoodie Allen is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Plainview, New York. In 2012, he made his first leap into the music industry with his first official EP titled All American which debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200. He kicked off his set tonight with his more well-known songs “Eighteen Cool”, “Act My Age” and “Two Lips”. Playing older tracks first after a hiatus from live shows generally helps engage the audience before testing any new tracks. For Hoodie Allen, this strategy worked effortlessly as the crowd was singing along with each word. Traditionally during his song “Cake Boy”, he would throw a large cake at the crowd, unfortunately, this venue didn’t allow that. Even without a cake in the audience, his performance (which featured a full band) definitely gave the crowd what they wanted. Finally, he closed with his fan’s favorite song “No Interruption”. You can find his music here and his Instagram can be found here.

Hoodie Allen’s Setlist: Eighteen Cool // Act My Age // Two Lips // Movie // Come Around // Champagne and Pools // Call Me Never // People Keep Talking // High Again // Lady Killers // Happy Again // Cake Boy // All About It // Never Going Back // Fame Is For The Assholes / Stand by Me (Cover) // Small Town // Surprise Party // Wouldn’t That Be Nice // No Faith in Brooklyn // No Interruption



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