Inhaler in Seattle, WA

The four-piece indie-rock band based out of Dublin, Ireland took the stage in the rainy city on March 25th. Their debut album, It Won’t Always Be Like This, hit #1 on UK charts followed by countless sold out shows. Inhaler came out with something to prove about their indie rock status and their tour has come out at full blast to fufill it.

Performing at one of Seattle’s most infamous venues, The Showbox, the band had countless bystanders asking “What’s the big line for?”

Opening act, Junior Mesa, came on with a youthful energetic presence and effortlessly transferred their spirit into the crowd with gusto. Despite all the concerts I’ve seen, Junior Mesa, was one of the most memorable openers. Their playful energy lingered and got the crowd warmed up for Inhaler.

By the time the headliners came out, the crowd was beyond estatic- Screaming before they even picked up their instruments. Striding onto the stage, performing It Won’t Always Be Like This, the audience went wild.

Lead singer, Elijah Hewson, held the crowds attention and awe. The band consistently mirrored the crowds vigor and made sure every fan had a special night.

I can firmly say that Inhaler had the ground shaking. Fans relentlessly jumped up and down while screaming at the top of their lungs. It is no doubt that these boys are natural rockstars and will continue to turn heads.

While Hewson is known for being the son of U2 frontman, Bono, he sure makes it known that he works hard for his own title and success. The heartthrob’s voice projects through the venue and makes sure all eyes are on him.

Closing out the show with my personal favorite, My Honest Face, the band left the audience wanting more. After experiencing this band live, I can only cross my fingers that they come back soon.