Interview with Alive In Barcelona

Alive in Barcelona is a post-hardcore band from Spokane, Washington. They began to make a splash in 2016 with their first single “Back to Life”, in 2018 they were signed by SmartPunk Records. From there they released three more singles. In 2022, they released their newest single “Flatline”. Their full EP will drop this November. I was lucky enough to be able to interview the band.

Do you have any plans for a tour?
As for 2022, we do not have any touring plans. After being on the sidelines due to the pandemic, we were hardly able to get into a room together. This new music and accompanying videos are what we’ve been focusing on for the last 18 months. Now that we have new music and can pitch for tours with relevant numbers, you should see AIB back on the road for the 2023 festival season.

Your new EP/Single is about to be released in November, any thoughts on a full-length album after this?
Absolutely. We are still with Smartpunk for another 2 album cycles. This EP was not part of our original commitment but we felt we needed to write some music that allowed us to express the frustration and anger we had built up over the last couple years.

What are you looking forward to most with the release of this new EP/Single?
Honestly just having a relevant product again. In today’s industry, it’s all about numbers and relevancy. We were lacking that due to the fact we hadn’t dropped music before the pandemic. This new music allows us to be a band again.

It was mentioned in your press release that you seek the broken, do you use your music as a way to help heal those who may be seeking comfort?
That is exactly what we mean. We all started playing music together when we were the odd man out, bullied, hurting, etc. In fact just before we launched this band, I lost my Dad very suddenly and with no explanation as to why he was gone. If it weren’t for music to help me through, who knows where I’d be.

Are there any bands you turn to in difficult times?
We all have our favorites. Sometimes we like to listen to throwback emo jams like The Spill Canvas, Mayday Parade and TBS, but as far as new bands go, I love to listen to bands like Architects, who lost their guitarist of cancer. Tom Searle was writing songs about his own demise as it was happening. That’s an incredibly powerful stance.

Who are some of your influences?
Oh man, Architects, Invent Animate, As I Lay Dying, The Plot In You, Plini, Intervals. Those bands make up most of my current playlist.

What originally got you into music?
Being a loner at school honestly. I didn’t really enjoy sports but found comfort in music. I remember the first time I walked into a hardcore show, I finally felt like I had a sense of belonging and purpose. That’s something I hope to be able to bring to the next generation.

How did your band form?
AIB was actually called The Persevering Promise before this. Matt, Chase, and myself have been playing music together since 2010. After my Dad died in 2015, We made a huge change sonically and decided to put our all into this project. Through that, it was necessary for a rebrand where we could start clean.

What does your writing process look like?
Usually Matt will write a bare-bones demo and send it to me. Once I have a feel for how the songs should go, ill adjust the structure or parts according to how I hear the song. From there, I’ll replace the fake instruments with real guitars and bass. We will then send it to chase to put drums to. Then it goes back to Matt to start writing lyrics for. After we have a solid demo, we will get together in a room and Matt and I will hammer out the melody and harmony until we are both content. From there, studio time baby.





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