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Logan Abdo, better known as Lo, is an artist out of Roxboro, NC. He mixes genres like trap, metal, dubstep, electronic, pop, and more for a unique sound. Logan lives with Vater Syndrome and recently got to meet Vic Fuentes of Pierce The Veil through the Living The Dream Foundation. Logan has been in the scene for quite a number of years and is finally getting some recognition which is good because this small man has huge dreams and he’s not stopping anytime soon. Logan recently sat down with MSM Editor-In-Chief Melanie Bryan to discuss what it’s like meeting Vic, how it’s affected his life, what he wants from Machine Gun Kelly, and more… 

Mel: What first got you into music?

Logan: Honestly, seeing it live and stuff like that. I was in talent shows and stuff before I went to my first show and that was cool. I always knew I wanted the rockstar life but just seeing in person was like, ok now I get it, let’s go! 

Mel: What was the first show? 

Logan: It was this band called Sterile, it was way back in 2011 when the scene was like poppin. 

Mel: Oh, okay. What was your first big show? 

Logan: Cursed Sails. Some of the members were in Issues and Woe Is Me. They let me do guest vocals, it was pretty lit. 

Mel: Really??

Logan: Yeah. 

Mel: That’s sick! Ok, what is your creative process like when you start a song? 

Logan: There’s two ways you can go about it. The first way is my DJ will send me a beat he’s made and be like, “Yo, put some vocals to it. The second way is that I’ll go on this app called BeatStars and buy beats off producers and I’ll make relationships with them. And I’ll be like, “Hey, I bought your beat, let’s work!” 

Mel: That’s cool! What song that you’ve written so far means the  most to you? 

Logan: That EP, no, I’m kidding.

Mel: The whole EP?

Logan: Yeah. (laughs) I guess the “Heavy Hearts” single. It made someone cry. 

Mel: (laughs)

Logan: I don’t mean it like that! 

Mel: “Logan likes to make people cry!”

Logan: No! (laughs) 

Mel: “He’s here for the feels!”

Logan: That’s what she said. (laughs) 

Mel: (laughs) Ok, so what is “Heavy Hearts” about?

Logan: It’s about having a big heart and feeling like you’re getting taken advantage of and then standing up and being like, “fuck you guys, I’m going home!” 

Mel: Yes! Speaking of hearts, if you could date any musician or celebrity, who would it be? 

Logan: Megan Fox – sorry Machine Gun Kelly, I’m stealing your woman, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, maybe…

Mel: All of them?

Logan: All of them. At the same time would be dope. 

Mel: At the same time. You could have them on certain days like Megan Mondays. 

Logan: Yeah, Megan Mondays…Megan Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays…as long as he gives me a paycheck. (laughs) He gets her on the bad days of the week! 

Mel: (laughs) Ok, I feel it. What is something that most people would be surprised to learn about you? 

Logan: I can’t walk. (laughs)

Mel: (laughs) Really?? 

Logan: No, I’m joking. 

Mel: It’s all an act!

Logan: I’m Hannah Montana!

Mel: Your secret life. 

Logan: Yeah. I guess the thing they wouldn’t expect is the big vocals I have coming out of this little body.

Mel: That’s the first thing I thought, too, was just like, “What? How?” It’s mind-blowing. Okay, who would you most like to collaborate with? 

Logan: If he would do it – Vic! 

Mel: Ooh, that would be sick. Okay, what have your experiences in the local scene been like, and have people been very accommodating? 

Logan: Accommodating, yes, very supportive people. I’ve met a lot of good people that have become good friends over the years. Sometimes it can be a little bit much when I’m trying to get shows because I don’t have the normal band type of thing, they want to snub me. 

Mel: You mean because you’re a solo musician? 

Logan: Yeah. 

Mel: What was it like meeting Vic? 

Logan: It was cool! After that I started looking at things a lot more professionally. It was one of those moments where it was like, now this makes sense, okay so the puzzle piece goes here type of thing. 

Mel: Have people been treating you differently since then? 

Logan: A little bit, but not in a bad way. 

Mel: More like you’re more important?

Logan: Yeah, more like I’m a “Santa Claus of the scene”. And if you’re on my good list, you might get me to send your music off, and if you’re on my bad list and you don’t book me, then I’m not sending you! 

Mel: What methods have been the most successful for you or the most interesting in gaining new fans? 

Logan: Tinder! Yesterday I used a TikTok of my own song in the little video so people can finally hear what I sound like and that’s I’m not trolling. They don’t think I’m a robot. Let’s see, what else, Soundcloud, playlists, live streams, I’ll let fans come in and guest.

Mel: And you do a lot of TikTok and duet?

Logan: Yeah, I’ll do it sometimes here and there if there’s a famous artist and they say you can duet the video. 

Mel: Awesome! Ok, what have your experiences with fans been like? 

Logan: Oh, man. They’ve been great. (laughs)

Mel: I have my doubts from the way that you’re laughing. 

Logan: Well, you know what I mean by “great”. Some fans are a little bit more sane than others is the best way that I can put that one. You know, you have your fans that are like, “Oh, you’re so awesome” but then you have your fans like, “Oh, you’re so awesome, you’re mine now”. And you’re like, “Oh, what do I do, well I don’t want to do that yet because you seem like the fan that would be sad when you find out that I’m a normal guy.” (laughs)

Mel: What do you think sets your music apart? 

Logan: (points to wheelchair and laughs) No, um, it’s different. With the trap stuff, what really sets that apart from most of the other trap artists is that I don’t talk about guns and beating up people. I’m not in a gang so that doesn’t really register to me. So it wouldn’t make sense for a little boy in a wheelchair that’s all sweet and innocent looking to be like, “I’m gonna pop a cap in you!”

Mel: (laughs) I might pay to see that. 

Logan: I’m going to have to write a song about that now. 

Mel: Do a cover when you do a show and just start saying something like that, it’d be pretty epic.

Logan: Yo.

Mel: This is probably a yes, but has your musical style evolved since you started, and do you think it will in the future? 

Logan: Oh, of course! Yeah! 

Mel: What did you start out like?

Logan: Bad! I started out on an iPhone and GarageBand loops. 

Mel: What kind of music (did you start with)? 

Logan: It was still metal, but I sucked at screaming and so it wasn’t that good. But now, ohhh, I can rival. 

Mel: What are you working on next? 

Logan: I just finished getting the finals back for an EP (Heavy Hearts), out March 4th, and the show is the day after. Come through, party, get free autographs and free pictures while you can. 

Mel: While you can! Before the price of admission goes up!

Logan: Yo! 

Mel: Anything else you want to talk about?

Logan: Pre-save Heavy Hearts now. The single drops Friday! And we love you! Keep rocking, stay sexy!

Pre-Save the Heavy Hearts EP here:

Listen to the  “Heavy Hearts” single: 




Photography and Interview by Melanie Mae Bryan


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