Jesse McCartney in Seattle, WA

With Jesse McCartney’s New Stage Tour winding down, the 2000s pop star hit Seattle before ending the tour. Fans packed The Showbox wearing nostalgic y2k Jesse McCartney merch, being ready to see their teenage celebrity crush.

Casey Baer brought out the energy with her pop tunes as the first of two openers. Her set included songs like “take it personal” and “not that girl.” Her stage presence, supplemented with jumps and hair flips, truly showcased the energy of a young musician. Casey Baer has gained a lot of her following from TikTok, so it was only fitting that she covered the viral song “she’s all i wanna be,” originally written and sung by Tate McRae. Although she was the first opener and it was still early in the night, Casey Baer had the audience jumping up and singing.

The next opener, Jamie Miller, brought a whole different energy to the venue. Miller is a Welsh singer who first appeared on The Voice UK in 2017, where he finished in third place. Miller brought the energy down in the venue with his soft vocals and acoustic songs. A fan favorite of the night, was when Miller sang a cover of Imagine Dragon’s “Demons.” The young artist took some time to take photos with fans at the barricade after his set which I’m sure made the fans’ night.

At approximately 10:30 pm, Jesse McCartney strutted onto the stage, followed by smoke machines and flashing lights. As someone who grew up listening to McCartney, I never thought I’d see him live so the whole experience felt very nostalgic and surreal. He began singing “Discovering You,” followed by “She’s No You.” During the whole set, McCartney never stopped moving and seemed genuinely happy to be there. The fourth song on the setlist was a throwback and got the crowd going crazy- Chords to “Leavin'” started playing, soon followed by the vocals.

A notable part of the show was when McCartney picked a fan out from the audience and serenaded her on stage, something straight out of a 2010s concert. Also, not to mention that the artist posed for my camera 5 times, making it a special night for me.

Jesse McCartney made it known that although he was most popular during the early 2000s, he’s still got it in 2022. After a few songs, McCartney bolted backstage and in under a minute, came out with a new outfit. Resuming the show, McCartney sang his most popular song, “Beautiful Soul.” I couldn’t help but suddenly be transported to my childhood bedroom covered in Hannah Montana posters once the song started. Not to mention the animated and sometimes suggestive gestures that McCartney made, that I couldn’t help but stifle a laugh at.

Although I came into the show not knowing what to expect, I was delightfully surprised and truthfully had a great time. It has become clear that Jesse McCartney will continue to be a household name, despite how much time passes.

If you get the chance, definitely show up to the remaining tour dates- I guarantee you won’t regret it.


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