Last Dinosaurs Makes a Visit to Charlotte, NC

The Australian band opens up for Bad Suns on their Apocalypse Whenever tour at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC on October 27th.

With their new album “From Mexico With Love” releasing in just a few days, Last Dinosaurs embarked on a North American tour with the California band Bad Suns, where they opened for the group along with Quarters of Change who took the stage right before the Australian band.

The group, consisting of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sean Caskey, lead guitarist Lachlan Caskey, bass guitarist Michael Sloane, and drummer Dan Koyama, warmed up the crowd with new singles off their upcoming album, such as “Put Up With The Weather!” and “Auto-Sabotage” and older favorites like “Zoom” their most streamed song, released back in 2011 a few years after the band formed.

The indie rock band from Brisbane, Queensland formed in 2007 and have been creating music ever since. Fun fact, the band actually got their name from a song of the same name by the Japanese band The Pillows. Last Dinosaurs were an instant favorite amongst the Charlotte crowd Thursday night. Their amazing songs and sweet banter easily connected them with the audience. Also, the accents were definitely an added bonus that I don’t think many concert goers were expecting from the group.

Before Last Dinosaurs took the stage, the band Quarters of Change kicked things off. The group became popular on Tik Tok, which is actually how I first heard them. The indie band gave a rock influenced six-song set starting with their song “Chloe”, which I was obviously dancing around to. The set continued while the group played songs off their debut album, Into The Rift, such as “T-Love”, “Rift” and “Ms. Dramatic”.

After Last Dinosaurs, the headliner Bad Suns graced the stage with their sun soaked, cali-inspired performance. Listening to Bad Suns will always feel like a summer day even when it’s fall day in North Carolina. The group gave an electric set filled with songs off their most recent album Apocalypse Whenever and plenty of old favorites, including my personal favorites “Violet” and “Daft Pretty Boys”. The LA based band, consisting of Christo Bowman, Gavin Bennett, and Miles Morris, ended the night on a high note, leaving the 950 capacity theatre buzzing.

Make sure to catch Last Dinosaurs while they’re still on tour! You can actually enter to see the band in Mexico or win a Fender Telecaster. See information here:

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