Musician, audio engineer, graduate student, and general music/art appreciator. I was born in Manchester and spent good chunks of my childhood living in Berlin, but central North Carolina is home – particularly the sparsely populated wooded areas. I’m currently working for NC State as a sound tech and research assistant, and on the side I work with local artists as a producer and front the experimental metal band Impulse Machine. 

MSM: Who are your favorite music artists, favorite music genres, or both? 

CONNER: Tom Waits, Danny Elfman, Zeal & Ardor, Leonard Cohen, Lady Gaga, etc. Anything Mike Patton has touched. Whatever manages to put me in an interesting state of mind. 

MSM: How long have you been interested in writing? 

CONNER: I’ve been writing since I knew how to hold a pencil, but I started to get serious (i.e. paid) in 2020. 

MSM: Who are your favorite authors? 

CONNER: Jon Ronson and Hunter S. Thompson for journalism. William Burroughs, Philip K. Dick, and Arthur Machen for fiction. Deleuze and Foucault for philosophy. Also Junji Ito. 

MSM: What is your favorite piece of literature and why? 

CONNER: Varies depending on my mood, but I’ll go with Slaughterhouse-Five for now. Philosophy, political satire, dark humor; it’s a checklist of my favorite things shoved into a novel that hits like an artillery shell. 

MSM: What is your preferred writing medium (digital, pen/paper)? 

CONNER: I take notes with pen on paper and draft/edit on a MacBook.

MSM: What is your favorite live show that you’ve attended? 

CONNER: Spider Gang at the Blind Tiger, 2021. Phantom of the Opera at the DPAC, if that counts.