Miss May I Unleash the Chaos in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX was not ready for the carnage that Miss May I brought this past weekend. Dropping their brand-new album, Curse of Existence, while on their headlining tour, Miss May I tore up Amplified Live with Landmvrks (Landmarks), Kingdom of Giants, & Currents. While the show did experience a bit of a relay delay, every band on the bill made it a point to bring that heaviness and make sure the fans got what they paid for.

Hitting the stage first was Landmvrks. Coming all the way from Marseille, France, the band showed they are a force to be reckoned with. Between the heavy riffs and jaw-dropping vocals, their performance was just a headbangers’ dream from start to finish. Landmvrks is a band I have heard of in passing before but never really sat down and listened to. But their song “Death (ft. Drew York of Stray From the Path)” is a song that I have on heavy rotation in my playlists. If you like classic metalcore and hardcore sounding bands, this is the band for you.

Kingdom of Giants came all the way from California to take the stage next. This is band that I’ve seen a few times at other concerts & I can definitely tell why they continue to get offers for additional tours. The energy the band brings while playing is unmatched. With absolute bangers like “Damaged Goods”, “Sync”, and “Wayfinder”, there are songs for every type of fan. Heavy breakdowns, beautiful choruses, and the occasional mesmerizing solo are all present.

Currents entered the stage to give the crowd one last chance to get ready before the headliner took the stage. My first time seeing the Connecticut based band was back in 2021 when they performed at the Palladium with The Ghost Inside. Now it is no wonder the band is still out here making waves. Currents was quite enjoyable to watch because not only was the crowd going crazy while having fun, but the band was also having fun. But how could they not with such hits like “Kill the Ache”, “The Death We Seek”, and “A Flag to Wave”.

Finally, Miss May I hit the stage. The band has been pumping out some absolutely amazing metal albums since 2007. Hailing from Troy, OH the band is on their way to solidify their place as metal legends. I have been a fan of the band since the beginning of high school when Apologies Are for the Weak came out. I’m sure I am not the only one that has seen the band tour as an opening act, headliner, and even their run on such festivals like The Van’s Warped Tour & The Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Circling back to now, Miss May I hit the stage with such an energy I am surprised the speakers didn’t blow out. Every head was banging when that iconic beginning to “Hey Mister” started. I even had to get into the pit when I heard “I.H.E.” started. Even though the tour just started, and they have close to a month to go, I feel the level of chaos that Dallas brought will be tough to beat. If you have the chance, you need to go to this tour. I am telling you that you will not regret it at all.