Monster Mosh Festival Presented by Third String Entertainment & So What?! Music Fest – Dallas, TX

I am still buzzing from the Monster Mosh Festival on October 29th at Gilley’s in Dallas, TX. Mike Ziemer was able to put on another fantastic festival in the DFW area and continues to solidify himself as an independent promoter powerhouse. The festival was full of fun, costumes, music, memories, and just all around good vibes between bands and fans. When it comes to the seemingly impossible, Mike Ziemer seems like the “go-to-guy”.

Not only was the festival hosted by one of my favorite YouTubers, Hardcore Keem, but it also consisted of a few reunion shows, a first-show-back for a fan favorite band, some classic metalcore acts, and tons of super talented local bands from the DFW with genres ranging from metalcore to deathcore to punk and hardcore.

Link to Hardcore Keem on YouTube at icon below

Before we get to the amazing music, let’s talk about some of the amazing costumes and fans in attendance! It was so awesome seeing fans and bands in costume and just enjoying their time at the festival. Seeing their happy faces listening to their favorite bands, discovering new favorites, or even just enjoying their time with friends is something I am sure they will be talking about for the rest of the year. Some people were in every mosh pit for every set. Talk about some dedication.

There was a lot of local talent in attendance as well! Seeing these bands get the chance to play on a big stage and in front of huge crowds was something I am sure the bands will not forget. I saw a lot of bands I have seen before like Be//gotten, Since Masada, Dispositions, and Earth Wrought as well as some bands I have not had the pleasure of seeing before like Ballista, Amnesia Garden, JackalTX, Lost in Separation, and Even Cameras Lie. Not to forget another Texas – based band coming from Austin, TX: Notions.

Since Masada

Lost in Separation


Earth Wrought

Even Cameras Lie




Amnesia Garden


While the local bands started the night off with an absolute bang, we can’t forget the bands with those die hard fanbases that were at the Monster Mosh Festival as well. You want some throwback “middle school emo” vibes? I Set My Friends On Fire has you covered. Your significant other just dump you and you need to throw down a bit in the pit? Lucky for you Signs of the Swarm, VCTMS, and Gideon showed up! Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I was not able to get any photos of the amazing sets by Chelsea Grin, Like Moths to Flames, The Browning, & Guerrilla Warfare. But, a lovely blend of chaos and fun was definitely had during the sets.

Quick question for you. Do you need some sounds to remember your times waiting on line at the Van’s Warped Tour while you were getting handed those sample CDs? Woe, Is Me & Close Your Eyes got your back! Yeah. You read that right. The Monster Mosh Festival worked whatever magic they were able to work and got these two colossal bands back together for a night of craziness!

Until next year Monster Mosh Festival. I know I speak for every fan in attendance and every fan that couldn’t join that we are patiently waiting for 2023.