Moore Ave – “Second Best” | Single & Video Review

Ontario-based band Moore Ave released their single and music video for “Second Best” on January 27. Moore Ave features brothers Josh, Joe, and Jack Gaudette, and Shawn MacDonald. The group wrote “Second Best” during the pandemic as an anthem to standing up for yourself. To put it simply, Moore Ave knows exactly who they are. It’s easy to believe they are brothers – their sound is solid and cohesive, and it’s clear that they enjoy recording together. All members have total control of their instrumental roles the entire time.

“Second Best” Album Artwork via Matthew Dunham

On the drums, MacDonald drives the track forward unyieldingly, but not aggressively – instead it’s easy to dance along to his beats. Rhythm guitarist Josh fills space with distorted and omnipresent sound, blending with the percussion. Jack’s bass line refuses to be ignored, holding its own amongst the wall of sound. Surprisingly, the lead guitar riffs from Joe sit just under the drums, bass, and rhythm guitar, functioning as an accent more than the focal point. It’s an interesting choice but shows off their skill in layering their sound. Vocally, Josh smoothly blends an early 2000’s pop punk sound with a modern edge, expertly knowing when to stand out during the bridge and when to blend in with the echoing harmonies during the chorus. Moore Ave mixes nostalgic elements with modern production styles, creating a fun yet hard-hitting track.

“Second Best” music video

The accompanying music video takes place at every pop punk kids’ dream photoshoot location – an abandoned overpass in a field. The abandoned train tracks are covered in cool graffiti, stark against the bright green grass all around them. The visuals are stripped back, featuring the band playing alone, but it’s an intimate setting where every member gets their time to shine.

Moore Ave aims to release a studio album this year, but in the meantime, you can catch them playing house shows in their own home. They say that their shows are a once in a lifetime experience, and I’m inclined to believe them. Be sure to look out for their album!




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