Motionless In White called in Knocked Loose frontman Bryan Garris for their latest release ‘Slaughterhouse’

Motionless In White has been around for sixteen years, and still, with each album release they continue to set the bar higher. Scoring The End Of The World will be their sixth album and it’s just around the corner (releases June 10th, 2022 via Roadrunner Records).

The band has released their third song from ‘Scoring The End Of The World’. This track, however, is the first on the album to feature guest vocals. ’Slaughterhouse’ feels like it’s picking up where ‘Cyberhex’ (song 1)  left off unlike ‘Masterpiece’ (song 2) which gave us a break from the heavier stuff as a ballad track.

Bryan Garris (of Knocked Loose) wastes no time with the opening second of the song featuring a call-out from Garris’ screaming to “Break down the wall again”. That’s just the start, this track features multiple verses with Chris Motionless and Bryan Garris going back and forth across multiple choruses. Brutal call-outs from both vocalists to bring in the songs two breakdowns range from “One mutilation under God” to a full 4-bars from Garris with just his voice & harsh guitar feedback before Motionless In White joins him again to bring the song back in for its heaviest and final breakdown.

We’ve only heard three of the thirteen tracks on this album and they have yet to disappoint. If these songs have shown us anything it’s that over the course of almost two decades Motionless In White has only gotten bigger and better with no signs of slowing down.

You can find ‘Slaughterhouse’ and soon ‘Scoring The End Of The World’ (June 10th) at this link here.

(Cover Art by @ninjajo_arts on Instagram)

Motionless in WhiteScoring The End Of The World Tracklisting

1. Meltdown

2. Sign Of Life

3. Werewolf

4. Porcelain

5. Slaughterhouse feat. Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose

6. Masterpiece

7. Cause Of Death

8. We Become The Night

9. Burned At Both Ends II

10. B.F.B.T.G.: Corpse Nation

11. Cyberhex feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft

12. Red, White & Boom feat. Caleb Shomo of Beartooth

13. Scoring The End Of The World feat. Mick Gordon

photo by @wheresbryce