Mt. Joy in Port Chester, NY

By Guest Contributor Cristine Suciu

With anticipation building as Mt.Joy was set to finish the last leg of their spring tour, excitement was high amongst fans all week preparing for an exciting start to their weekend plans. Sadly, on Friday morning, Mt. Joy fans in the Tri-State area were reminded of the pandemic when one of the crew members got hit with a case of the COVID-19 virus. It came to no one’s surprise that Mt.Joy did the right thing and postponed the concert until everyone was cleared and ready to go- they even asked friend and fellow musician, Noah Kahan, to open with an acoustic set since the original opener, Yolk Lore, couldn’t make it. This surprise addition to the lineup was extremely well received by the crowd as he played hit after hit, including “Maine,” “Glue Myself Shut,” and a new untitled track which shed light on some mental health struggles. 

Now, a Monday night concert may sound like a bummer, but as the band opened up with “I’m Your Wreck,” it seemed as if everyone’s cares slipped away. Thoughts of work the next day, meal prep for the week, and assignments due were things of the past as the colorful lights and smoke machine swept through the audience. The band followed up with “Strangers,” and their new song “Lemon Drop,” which just released last week. This show, it seems, served as the perfect test for their other new songs- giving fans an exclusive preview of “Orange Blood,” set to release this Friday, and “Johnson Song,” which is off their new album releasing in June. Among their regular hits, Mt. Joy also blessed their fans with a cover of “Fire on the Mountain,” by the Grateful Dead, and a sick mix of “Crazier” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” mixed into “Julia.” 

Overall, even with all the rescheduling and changes, this show was absolutely amazing. Everything from the setlists, to the amazing opener, to the light show that displayed on the walls during their songs. And I personally can’t wait to see them again in September.