Mt. Joy Run Wild In Seattle

On a warm summer day indie-folk band, Mt. Joy, brought their Orange Blood Tour to an obscure venue in Seattle- Woodland Park Zoo.

If you’re unfamiliar with Mt. Joy, I can best describe their sound to the likes of The Lumineers and Caamp. Yet, what makes Mt. Joy unique is their ability to carefully blend psychedelic funk, rock, and folk in cohesion without flaw. Their music tells an impassioned story accompanied by upbeat drums and groovy guitar riffs.

Supporting the headliners were Wilderado. Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, the folk-rock band formed a bond between themselves and the audience. “I’ve never played in a zoo before!” exclaimed lead singer, Maxim Rainer. Rainer also mentioned how much love the band has for Seattle, as they spent two weeks in the city writing one of their EPs- which made the crowd holler. The band precisely pulls elements from folk, indie, and rock, which makes their sound distinguishably their own, but that deserves its own review someday.

Shortly after Wilderado’s set, the highly-anticipated Mt. Joy came out to face hundreds of fans at a sold-out show. The crowd is lively and the band seems excited, which made me hopeful for an indelible night- and that it was. The band kicked off the set with “Lemon Tree” and fans rejoiced by singing along contently. The set also included other great songs and fan favorites, most notable being “Silver Lining” and “Orange Blood.”

The high-spirited energy presented by both the band and crowd carried throughout the night and not for a moment did the show ever fall dull. Accompanied by thought-provoking songwriting and well-crafted instrumentals, Mt. Joy clearly knows how to put on a show.

By the time the show ended, the energy instantly changed. Fans were struck with glum as their night with their favorite band ended. Yet, I’m sure I speak for everyone who was at the show when I pray in high hopes that Mt. Joy comes back to the Emerald City.

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