NLE Choppa comes to Charlotte, NC

NLE Choppa had turned the open-spaced floor of The Underground (capacity 700) into an intimate venue within a matter of minutes once the doors opened on 5-15-22 in Charlotte, NC for the second-to-last stop of the NLE Tour. This was a sold-out show on the touring run and it certainly did not disappoint.

Starting the night with his high-energy performance, Lil Eazzyy, had the crowd under his control before his first song was halfway through. It was clear that the audience was ready for a show and he brought exactly what the fans were looking for. Lil Eazzyy is a rapper from Chicago, IL, and his latest Album “Too Eazzyy” was released recently on 5/13/22. You can find him on Instagram at @lileazzyyy.

Next up was Unghetto Mathieu, who is not only known for his vast array of joyful samples in his beat selection but also as a comedian on YouTube where he currently holds 1.98 million subscribers. Unghetto Mathieu kicked off his set with his top hit “Plastic” which features a sample from Barbie Girl by Aqua, produced by Papiiiondabeat. Lit up by just the crowd’s phone lights, he followed “Plastic” up with several more tracks from Happy Trap. An album containing samples from famous songs like Blue by Eifel 65 and U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer. You can find him on Instagram at @unghettomathieu.

Scorey was the third artist of the night to hit the stage and he wasted no time getting up and personal with the crowd. Known for his guitar-trap beats, the energy in Scorey’s hits set the perfect energy in the room for an artist to connect with the audience in front of them. The 22-year-old rapper from Syracuse, NY is currently signed with Polo G’s label, Capalot Records, in partnership with Columbia Records. You can find him on Instagram @scorey.

With the crowd hype at an all-time high for the night, Gino2x, came out as the fourth artist on stage tonight. A rapper born in Grand Prarie, TX, who also spent time growing up in Arkansas and Memphis. There was no time to wonder how the crowd would react, they were instantly hooked with his enticing flow & piano-heavy beat selection. The entire front of the barricade couldn’t wait to get their phones into Gino2x’s hands so they could get their own personal video. I hadn’t heard of this up-and-coming artist until tonight but he’ll definitely stay on my radar after this performance. You can find him on Instagram @gino2xxmusic.

South Memphis raised rapper, Baby Hot, came out immediately after and instantly caught his stride. It didn’t take long before he was on the barricade, up close and personal with the crowd. Performing tracks like his breakout single “Spin The Block”, these intense punch-in flows were the perfect introduction for NLE Choppa’s set coming up next. You can find Baby Hot on Instagram @1.babyhot.

To top off the night of performances, NLE Choppa was the headliner tonight on the NLE tour. A rapper also from Memphis, TN who is absolutely killing it in the music industry lately accumulating over 3 billion streams across all platforms. He wasted no time capitalizing on the crowd’s intense energy before giving them the show they had been waiting for. After his second song, he took his jewelry off so he could get more intimate with the crowd, without giving them temptation. The chants and shouts of “NLE!” all night were ringing through the venue, and it was met with the same energy. It was an intense crowd with people spilling over the taped-off boundaries on the floor of The Underground in Charlotte, NC. NLE Choppa and his NLE Tour brought an amazing performance to North Carolina and I hope to catch him next time he returns. You can find him on Instagram @nlechoppamusic.