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K-Pop group ONEUS makes their comeback with “Bring It On,” headlining their 7th mini-album, Trickster.

Following Blood Moon, their 6th mini-album, and a subsequent tour in the United States, ONEUS delivers another well-rounded EP for fans to sink their teeth into.

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The album kicks off with the intro track “Who Got the Joker,” a funky tune featuring bluesy guitar riffs and vocals. At only 90 seconds in length, it certainly leaves us wanting more. I would have loved a full version of this song, as it’s one of the best on the album.

The main track “Bring It On” offers all you could want from a comeback track: a catchy, fast-paced chorus, rap verses, and a multitude of genre changes. They utilize horns and acoustic and electric guitars, including a bridge that features something of a breakdown, guitar riffs included. Despite changing styles and sounds very quickly, none of the changes feel abrupt or out of place.

“Skydivin’” gives us the first power ballad of the album. While most of the song features ballad vocals and sounds, there is a pop punk feeling with the inclusion of some light guitar riffs, including solos over the top of the final chorus.

“Firebomb” follows as another soft pop track, but quickly changes expectations with a pre-chorus leading to a drop and a trap beat chorus. The verses offer the best showcase of vocal talent, while the vocals during the chorus are overshadowed by an aggressive instrumental. “Fragile” is the proper soft ballad of the album. It’s purely soft beats and vocals, with a few lowkey raps spread throughout. 

“Mr. Wolf” is the standout track on the album. Fun electronics and synths are frequent throughout, and the building pre-chorus leads to a catchy and electronic chorus. While it doesn’t go as hard as “Bring It On,” it’s something of a banger that will be very fun live. I really hope this track gets a music video and choreography, as it feels like the most dynamic track on the album next to the comeback. The album concludes with an English version of “Bring It On,” a fine translation and adaptation that doesn’t add or subtract anything from the original version.

Trickster ticks all of the boxes for a solid k-pop album: pop vocals, trap beats, fast raps, and ballads with a few fun and upbeat tracks that will definitely go on any fan’s playlist. Don’t miss ONEUS during their next tour, as they put on an incredibly upbeat live performance with fantastic choreography.

Check out the music video for “Bring It On” and stream Trickster.

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