Plastic Flamingos – Flamingo A Go-Go Vol. 1 | EP Review

Plastic Flamingos’ Flamingo A Go-Go has all the vibes to spring us into summer vacation. The band released their first album, Halloween Beach Party, in 2020 and have released a couple singles throughout the past year. It appears that the Durham, NC locals are gearing up for some upcoming tours and more music to come. 

The EP starts out with a new song, “The Shore.” The lyrics highlight the end of summer and all that encompasses it: movie nights, the beach, and fish. Though some lyrics felt nonsensical, isn’t that what Ska-pop punk is about? The cheerful guitar riffs is what really holds this song together. Don’t get me wrong, the lyrics and gang vocals were great, but all the energy lies within the guitar for this one. “A Punk Looks at 30” describes what every 20-something fears: growing old. “I have to watch what I’m eating/next thing my hair is receding.” I have to admit, I wasn’t feeling this song upon the first listen, but I really love it lyrically. It has easily fit in with other popular songs about turning 30. The upbeat rhythm makes it feel as if these problems of age aren’t a bad thing, maybe they are something to embrace. 

The final song, “How’ve You Been” is a very close cross of Ska and Pop-punk. I had to laugh because the beginning was exciting and new and then I started to hear the lyrics about waiting to hear from a friend. The generic lyrics about not wanting to be alone and losing friends were all too relatable to the pop-punk genre. I too wish things had never changed. In all seriousness, it felt a bit too sad to be Ska music. However, this slight change in genre presented Plastic Flamingos versatility. They brought back the gang vocals in this track and an exceptional guitar solo. 

Overall, Plastic Flamingos have done a great job on this short EP. I would have loved to hear more bass in this triplet, but we’ll have to wait for the next one. Hopefully this band will go on tour and we’ll be able to catch them on the West coast. Even better it would be awesome to hear them play Back to the Beach Festival!