RED Goes Acoustic

I jumped at the chance to see RED as soon as I heard that they’d be in town. Out of all of the albums in my life that have meant the most to me, they are way up there! I credit their “End of Silence” album for singlehandedly getting me through my first divorce. To top things off, this tour also features special guest Keith Wallen of Breaking Benjamin, another favorite of mine.

Keith came out first and I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect, but his voice blew me away. He said that when you become a musician, no one ever tells you that you also have to be a public speaker between sets, but he did great!

RED took the stage around 9 and the audience roared. I was honestly a little surprised at how many people they drew in, despite not putting out an album since 2015. The audience sang along to nearly every song, with hits like “Not Alone”, “Let It Burn”, and “Breathe Into Me”. The show was nostalgic bliss for me and a night that RED fans won’t soon forget.