REVIEW | Hablot Brown’s Self-Titled Debut Album

Need a new album to listen to while driving? Hablot Brown’s self-titled debut album provides a relaxing, yet soulful, sound. I was introduced to the band in 2020 with their EP “OPAQUE” and have been a fan ever since. I was excited to see that a full album had been released so I had to check it out.

“Wait For Me” opens the album and I had to replay this song a few times because it’s just that good. The pre-chorus stopped me in my tracks with the breakbeat: 

“Ooh, I’ve been looking both ways when I cross that road 

Ooh, in a terrible haze I found what I love 

Ooh, yeah we came so close, but we never touched.”

The single “Electric” featuring Floyd Fujii was also a favorite of mine. The best way that I can describe this song is that it has a beachy/tropical vibe. 

“You’re nothing like the girls I knew back home.”

The song talks about finding love far away from home and feeling exhilarated with a new person, that “electric” connection you have when someone sweeps you off your feet. 

As the album progresses, we hear Hablot Brown’s sound mellow out. We are taken on a cerebral vibe with “I Think”, which speaks to the power of the mind with:

“The more I let myself be happy, I get happier

the more I speak the words I want to hear 

I see the turn it’s so damn easy to sink into your black hole

but that ain’t no way to live.” 

Hablot Brown closes out with “Outro”, which is an instrumental song and shows the group’s amazing talent on the drums and keys. I am excited about all of the success that Hablot Brown will continue to see and hopefully, I get to see them on tour this fall.