Rex Orange County in Redmond, WA

On what could be noted as one of the rainiest days of the year, Rex Orange County nonetheless gathered a crowd at Marymoor Ampitheatre on June 9th, 2022.

Five years ago, I was sitting in my sophomore world history class and stumbled upon “Courduroy Dreams.” I played the song nonstop and have been a fan of Rex Orange County ever since. So, it was only fitting to jump at the opportunity to cover the show.

Rex Orange County’s stage set up was indisputably the best I have ever seen. Decorated with vibrant LED lights, disco balls, a sign saying “Who Cares?,” and numerous other stage props. My favorite and most subtle touch, was the sign on Rex’s keyboard to which was personalized to the city.

Rex Orange County’s keyboard by Chloe Sarmiento.

With there being no opener, all attention was adminstered to the headliner himself. Promptly strutting onto the stage at showtime, Rex Orange County commenced the show with “Making Time.” Rex Orange County’s music can be defined as no other than soul-searchingly spirited. His songs present colorful beats accompanied with emotionally affectionate lyrics.

Rex Orange County continued throughout his setlist, featuring hits like “Television/So Far So Good” and “4 Seasons,” while bouncing around in a playful and carefree manner. I mean, this is called the Who Cares? tour after all. Rex further proved to us that concerts provide us with the treasured and limited time where we can forget about the rest of our obligations and worries- An escape where we can sing and dance with people who share the same love for music. And sing and dance is exactly what the crowd did- All night.

Rex Orange County by Chloe Sarmiento.

I think what makes Rex Orange County so special is how down-to-earth he presents himself. He seems like a high-spirited and comical guy who truly has passion for what he does. That being paired with his pensive songwriting and distinguishable vocals, Rex Orange County is proven to be a treasure in the indie music scene.

Rex Orange County made the whole venue feel like an intimate show, despite being nearly sold out in a 5000 capacity theatre. After the show, which felt like a dream, Rex Orange County lucidly painted the picture that he was meant to be a performer and deserves every ounce of support that fans expressed.

This was easily the most amusing and attention diverting concert I have been to, which is a statement that holds a lot of power considering the amount of live shows I go to. This is not a tour to be missed. With only 11 North American dates remaining, tickets are running low and you’d better grab some immediately.

Thank you Rex Orange County for an unforgettable night and for reminding me why I love doing what I do.