Starset ft. Breaking Benjamin – “Waiting On The Sky To Change” | Single Review

Columbus, Ohio band Starset has come out with their latest cover, “Waiting On The Sky To Change”, with the famous American rock band Breaking Benjamin. The song is originally by Downplay, an alternative rock band from Athens, Ohio, which was also formed by Dustin Bates, the lead vocalist of Starset. The newly released cover is similar, but Breaking Benjamin adds a heavier guitar and distortion to the song that gives it the perfect edge. The collaboration is an epic mixture of both bands’ rock styles.

The music video starts off with a flashy astronaut floating around in space. The astronaut starts off looking into the void of space and their travel becomes intense when the lights overcome them. By the end of the music video, the astronaut is not seen anymore as we look at something that looks like Saturn. The theme for the music video comes from Dustin Bates’s interest in space. Dustin’s interest in space comes from his education in electrical engineering at Ohio University. Astronomy contributes largely to Starset’s image, as well as the music video and lyrics.

I breathe in the atmosphere. Let it wash over my fear of these heights as I transcend and become whole again.”


Check out “Waiting On The Sky To Change” out now!