The Backseat Lovers in Athens, GA

The Salt Lake City based band brought their Turning Point tour to Athens, GA on March 3, 2022.

The Backseat Lovers brought their Turning Point tour to the Georgia Theatre in Athens, GA on Thursday, March 3, 2022. The four piece band from Salt Lake City, Utah consists of drummer Juice Welch, bassist KJ Ward, guitarist Jonas Swanson, and lead vocalist/guitarist Joshua Harmon. The indie-rock group went viral with the song “Kilby Girl,” which has amassed almost 117 million streams on Spotify. This song is actually how I began listening to the band. I instantly became hooked and couldn’t stop listening, diving deeper into their discography. Songs such as “Still a Friend,” “Maple Syrup,” and “Pool House” caught my attention the most, all which were performed Thursday night. Hearing The Backseat Lovers live exceeded all my expectations, they truly have a connection with their fans and each other that radiates through their music and also into their live performance.

Before The Backseat Lovers took the stage, Over Under, also based in Salt Lake City, Utah, opened the night performing various songs such as “Yellow Roses,” “Backwards Forwards,” and their newest release “Time to Waste.” The show in Athens, GA was the band’s last performance with The Backseat Lovers on this tour because the band Mercury. would be joining the tour as the opening act on March 8 in Los Angeles, CA. Over Under consists of guitarists and vocalists Taylor Gwynn and Max Moffat, drummer Jaden Gwynn, and bassist Landon Gwynn.

The Backseat Lovers performed a 14 song set with Sinking Ship as the encore. In total the band played four unreleased songs to the Georgia audience, along with well-loved songs from their Elevator Days EP and When We Were Friends album. The energy inside the small venue made the concert feel intimate among the band and their fans. Guitarist Jonas Swanson even mentioned that the Athens show had been his favorite so far, simply because the energy was unmatched.