The Happy Fits Bring Joy to the Emerald City

On an Autumn day, full of typical gloomy Seattle weather, The Happy Fits rolled into the city with a pocket of sunshine. After the band released their third album, Under The Shade of Green, they announced their album-titled headline tour, bringing alongside Daisy The Great and Phoneboy for support.

First up on the roster were Phoneboy, who brought young and spirited energy to the stage, with no rest. The band constantly jumped around and unquestionably showed that they love performing music for the masses. Many in the crowd were wearing Phoneboy merch and the support from the crowd would have any outside persons thinking that this was their own headlining show. With a little over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, this group holds much promise for the future and I have no doubt that the next time they come to Seattle will be for their own tour.

After Phoneboy’s playful performance, Daisy The Great set down the tone and brought smooth mellow vocals to the front. The band, consisting of Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker, knelt down and sang directly to fans multiple times during their set, making the whole experience personal and special for the crowd. The girls even included their hit song, Record Player, which grew viral on TikTok last year.

Daisy The Great made sure to announce their headlining tour during the set, and noted that they were coming back to Seattle very soon. Overall, the band took their smooth vocals and sweet harmonies as a chance to settle the crowd before The Happy Fits came on.

Finally, around 10:30pm, The Happy Fits came out and fans immediately showed their excitement with loud claps and yelps of joy. The band rolled into performing Around and Around, a track which highlights life as a routine, while also focusing in on the highs and lows that accompany the journey. Like their first opening act, The Happy Fits constantly moved during their set, which their fans mirrored as they jumped up and down. Calvin Langman, of the band, played the cello which is not usually an instrument you see at any indie-pop concert, yet he rocked the stage and danced with the instrument, like it was nothing. While the cello is normally thought of as an orchestral instrument, played with dull expressions and formal composure, Langman rewrites that narrative- Turning the instrument into a fun, upbeat form of expression and completely transformed my idea of the cello.

Living up to their name, The Happy Fits steadily performed with a smile that could not be wiped off their faces and brought inextinguishable cheerfulness to the city, despite the cold and harsh weather that awaited them outside of the venue.

The Happy Fits are a band that everyone needs to go see at least once, and I can guarantee there will be no regrets.




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