The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Plays New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC

Legendary pop-punk band The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus rocked the walls of New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC last Thursday.

Dull Mourning was the first to hit the stage, a North Carolina born post hardcore group. They played a set featuring their most recent 2022 EP, Ugly Fame. As a small band opening for such an iconic band, you could tell this was most of the audiences first experience with Dull Mornings. With heads bobbing and roars of applause, Dull Mourning gained quite a few fans this night. The electrifying pace for the rest of the show was set right off the bat.

Next up was Parris Bridge, the young band formed out of Greenville, SC. These guys have been making waves in Greenville’s local rock scene, and they were a pleasure to watch live. Front man Dylan Fipps also happens to be a very talented photographer on the team here at Music Scene Media.  

The first pits of the night opened during Parris Bridge. In such a packed venue, the amount of movement was quite impressive. A couple crowd surfers later and the audience was fully invested in the music of the evening. Parris Bridge did all they needed to and more to get the crowd ready for the show to come.  

Astoria State was the next to take the stage. Although new to the scene as a band, the members of Astoria State are seasoned veterans in the music industry. Playing hits from their first EP, “The Suffer, The Salvage” (2021), the crowd came to life.  

Astoria State was formed when guitar player Jesse Carrol served as a touring musician with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus in early 2020. There, he met Danny Resnick (vocals) who was performing as a featured artist with the opening band. The two had more opportunities to work with The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus before ultimately deciding to start Astoria State.  

Finally, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus made their appearance. By this point, the crowd’s energy was nouncing off the walls. The tight space didn’t seem to be an issue as once again, the impressive sized pit opened. Moshing and crowd surfing were abundant as the legendary bad began to play.  The band is known for their pop-punk and occasional metal sounds that fans have loved since their beginning.

The punk rock band was formed 19 years ago in Middleburg, Florida. Their 2006 album, Don’t You Fake It, is given credit for propelling them into the spotlight. Hits like “Face Down”, “Your Guardian Angel”, and “False Pretenses” continue to shine as 2000’s rock anthems.  After 19 years packed with tours and album releases, lead singer Ronnie Winter shows no sign of slowing down.

Energy was through the roof as the audience, both old and young, was filled with nostalgia. The iconic band playing in such an intimate venue was a treat for everyone there.  According to their website, they pride themselves in being able to play new hits right besides the old classics.

The band played a 45-set consisting of both their newer hits and the nostalgic anthems. Fans were singing along to every word of the songs they’ve known for so long. Overall, it was a great night of music and energy that fans are sure to remember.

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