The Trinity of Terror played a sold-out show in Charlotte, NC 

The now infamous triple headlined tour lived up to its name with a night of theatrics, music, and terror.  

The only “opener” of the night was Fame On Fire. From the audience, you could feel the joy these guys felt the whole night, being able to play to a sold out venue. By the end of their set, fans were headbanging and crowd surfing along.  

One notable song they performed was an extremely well done cover of Linkin Parks “Numb” (Rest in peace, Chester Bennington). Noise levels hit an all-time high, with fans singing along at the top of their lungs. Their 30-minute set was the perfect thing to get the audience pumped, anxiously waiting for the 3 headlining acts to come. 

The first headliner to take the stage was Motionless In White. Fans instantly went crazy, screaming along to the lyrics and headbanging as much as their hearts desired. Front man Chris “Motionless” Cerulli told everyone in the audience that they better wake up with a “bangover” tomorrow morning, (headbanging so hard you feel it the next day) or they needed to go even harder.  

Crowd surfers and mosh pits opened almost immediately, with fans singing along to the music. The bands stage presence was also super fun to watch, exchanging banter with the crowd and encouraging them to get even crazier. MIW also brought out some “actors”, including one guy wearing a face mask, shooting sparks from an electric grinder and piece of metal. During their last song, “Eternally Yours”, another character hopped on stage shooting the audience with a realistic looking water gun.  

The band was formed in 2005 and has released 5 studio albums. A 6th is on the way, titled “Scoring The End Of The World”, and set to be released in 2022. Personally, I am extremely excited for this release, and highly recommend catching them live. 

Motionless In White Setlist: 

  1. Disguise 
  1. Reincarnate 
  1. Necessary Evil 
  1. Voices 
  1. Brand New Numb 
  1. Thoughts & Prayers 
  1. Rats 
  1. Cyberhex 
  1. Another Life 
  1. Somebody Told Me (The Killers Cover) 
  1. Eternally Yours 

Next up was Black Veil Brides, the rock band from Los Angeles. Dawning all black, leather jackets, and face paint, the band kept up with the theatrics that made this evening so special.  

has an impressive 6 studio albums, with 2 (‘Wretched and Devine’, and ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’) being concept albums following an almost comic book like story line.  

The 5-piece band is dripping in talent, from Christian Coma’s rocking drum parts to Jake Pitt’s shredding guitar solos and Andy Black’s gnarly vocals. I discovered Black Veil Brides at the ripe age of 12 and continue going back to them 9 years later.  The band knows how to put on a show, and I can’t recommend them enough.

Black Veil Brides Setlist: 

  1. Faithless 
  1. Coffin 
  1. Crimson Skies 
  1. Shadows Die 
  1. Wake Up 
  1. Scarlet Cross 
  1. All Your Hate 
  1. Knives and Pens 
  1. The Legacy 
  1. Fallen Angels 
  1. In The End 

To close out such a memorable night, Ice Nine Kills took the stage. If you are not familiar with INK’s whole discography, every song is heavily based on a horror movie or tragedy. Their newest record, ‘The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood’ is no exception. On top of songs filled with references to everyone’s favorite slasher, INK has a unique way of bringing their setlist to life on stage. From secondary actors playing characters from Psycho, IT, and Hostel, to masks and props being worn by the band members. 

Seeing Ice Nine Kills live is truly a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone. On top of the theatrics and costumes, the musical talent of the members continues to shine. INK has the unique gift of 3 talented unclean vocalists, in lead singer Spencer Charnas, as well as guitarists Ricky Armellino and Dan Sugarman. This allows them to bring the music further to life, as they can have conversations with each other. This comes in handy when your discography is based on classic films and stories.  

The crowd surfing and moshing hit an all-time high during this set. It could be because they were last to take the stage, but fans were absolutely loving what they were hearing. If you are a horror fan and/or a rock fan, an Ice Nine Kills concert is must-see.  

Ice Nine Kills Setlist 

  1. Welcome To Horrorwood 
  1. Wurst Vacation 
  1. Hip to Be Scared 
  1. Stabbing in the Dark 
  1. Rainy Day 
  1. IT is the End 
  1. Communion of the Cursed 
  1. Take Your Pick 
  1. Ex-Mortis 
  1. The Shower Scene 
  1. Funeral Derangements 
  1. The American Nightmare 

Overall, this show was an exciting time, start to finish. The triple headliner format worked great, with each band getting around 11 songs each. They have been rotating the order of bands every night, keeping it interesting in every city. The Charlotte date sold out within a day of going on sale, and I can see why. The triple headliner allowed fans a unique opportunity to see 3 great bands, with lengthy and satisfying setlists. This show and tour will not be forgotten by anyone there, and I hope this is not the last time a tour like this happens.