The Weeks in Nashville, Tennessee

The Weeks brought their 10 year anniversary tour to a packed venue in Nashville, TN.

Lenox Hills, the rock band from Tennessee was the first to take the stage. The local rock quartet played a 30 minute set to properly warm up the audience. Fans of The Weeks were loving their indie alternative rock sound, and were ready for more to come.

Next up was Chrome Pony, the rock band from right here in Nashville, Tennessee. Chrome Pony kept the energy going with fans dancing along to their upbeat melodies. Chrome Pony only added to the excitement felt on this Saturday night, and both opening bands did an amazing job of warming up the audience.

Finally, to the cheers from the audience, The Weeks took the stage. By this point in the evening the crowd was warmed up and ready to go. The 2 opening acts did an amazing job of starting the night, and fans were ready for more. 

Treating fans to an impressive 17 song setlist, The Weeks put on an amazing performance. Their stage presence spread to the crowd as the whole room danced throughout the set. The Weeks are celebrating their 14th year as a band, having put out an impressive 7 albums as well as a variety of singles and EPs. 

The Weeks put on a good show for everyone in the audience, making upbeat music that spreads good feelings around whatever venue they’re playing.

The Weeks Setlist:

  1. Dear Bo Jackson
  2. King-Sized Death Bed
  3. Thief in My Mouth
  4. Bad Enough
  5. Bottle Rocket
  6. This Dance
  7. The House We Grew Up In
  8. Ain’t My Stop
  9. Brother in the Night
  10. Hands on the Radio
  11. White Ash
  12. Gobi Blues
  13. Harlots Bluff
  14. Chickahominy
  15. Wo Is I
  16. Ike
  17. Buttons


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