The Wonder Years Play a Sold Out Show in Nashville, TN

First to take the stage was the iconic emo rock band, Hot Mulligan. Since their formation in 2014, Hot Mulligan have stood out as one of the emo giants, putting out just 3 full-length albums that propelled them into the spotlight.

The energy in the room skyrocketed as the band took the stage, showing there were more than a couple Hot Mulligan fans in attendance. As fans began screaming along to their relatable, yet inspirational lyrics, the crowd surfing also began. 

Hot Mulligan fans were certainly not disappointed with their 14-song 60-minute set. The band even slowed it down in the middle, featuring an acoustic song by front-man Nathan ‘Tades’ Sandville. This was a beautiful tempo change with the crowd screaming the words with Tades and his acoustic guitar.

Hot Mulligan Setlist:

  1. OG Bule Sky
  2. *Equip Sunglasses*
  3. Digging In
  4. I Fell in Love With Princess Peach
  5. How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?
  6. Losing Days
  7. Featuring Mark Hoppus
  8. Drink Milk and Run
  9. Shhhh! Golf Is On
  10. Heem Wasn’t There
  11. SPS
  12. Analog Fade (New Bule Sky)
  13. Dirty Office Bongos
  14. Bckyrd

Finally, as the anticipation in the crowd reached a boiling point, The Wonder Years took to the stage. The pop punk band formed in 2005 have become industry giants, with over half a million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Celebrating the release of their newest record, ‘The Hum Goes On Forever’, the band put on a truly amazing performance.

The other photographers and I were very clearly warned about safety issues in the pit due to the volume of crowd surfers expected, but nothing could’ve prepared us for this energy. The photo pit was packed and constantly moving, with multiple crowd surfers during every song and security guards moving all over to catch them. Fans were obviously having a great time. 

With an impressive 21-song setlist, fans were pretty much guaranteed to hear their favorite song performed live that night. With 7 studio albums, The Wonder Years had no shortage of music to choose from. 

Fans were completely entranced in what was happening. All night, eyes were focused on the stage as the audience tried to soak in every bit of what was happening. Just by looking around the sold-out room, it was clear the impact that this band has had on so many, and will continue to have for years to come.

The Wonder Years Setlist:

  1. Doors I Painted Shut
  2. Wyatt’s Song (Your Name)
  3. Dismantling Summer
  4. Local Man Ruins Everything
  5. Cardinals
  6. Cardinals II
  7. You in January
  8. I Don’t Like Who I Was Then
  9. A Song for Ernest Hemingway
  10. Heaven’s Gate (Sad & Sober)
  11. Cigarettes & Saints
  12. Melrose Diner
  13. Sister Cities
  14. Songs About Death
  15. Low Tide
  16. Old Friends Like Lost Teeth
  17. Laura & the Beehive
  18. There, There
  19. Passing Through a Screen Door
  20. You’re the Reason I Don’t Want the World to End
  21. Came Out Swinging


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