THREEZERO ft. Rokkai – “One Call Away” | Single Review

Chicago-based artist THREEZERO released his newest track, “One Call Away” on September 19. The track follows his debut album, Seeing Double, and features Atlanta rapper, Rokkai. “One Call Away” is the first song released from his next project, Experiment 001.  

THREEZERO kicks off the track with a held chord before diving into the complex vocals. Throughout, THREEZERO layers his voice to create diverse harmonies and throws in some ad-libbed backing vocals with heavy echo. The technique adds depth to the lyrics, allowing his voice to entirely surround the listener. The beats are laid back, and the main instrumental accompaniment is chords from a synthetic organ. It’s fuzzy and hazy, almost like being trapped in a dream.

The lyrical groundwork THREEZERO puts down makes it clear that he is caught up on someone and promises he will always be there. The relationship doesn’t seem to be healthy but he can’t break free. Once Rokkai joins in, his tight rhymes add more to the story, giving history to the situation. His flow is relaxed enough to fit into the overall vibe of the track, but he manages to also bring in a fresh energy. It blends well but keeps him from being forgettable.

THREEZERO and Rokkai have created a dark and intimate track. It’s indie and experimental, but not in a way that feels exclusionary. THREEZERO clearly has a strong command over who he is as an artist, and I’m intrigued to see what else comes from Experiment 001.