TITUS: “Gorgeous Disaster ft. Kellin Quinn”

TITUS, via Facebook

It was a boring Friday afternoon with not much to do so I did like most people do these days and sat on my couch aimlessly scrolling Instagram. I am a huge fan of Sleeping With Sirens and have had the awesome opportunity to hang out with Kellin Quinn and other band members on more than one occasion, so naturally I follow him online. As I was scrolling, I saw that he had started a live stream with an artist by the name of TITUS and I vaguely remember seeing something about them having some “big news” coming this week, so I decided to click in and see what the hype was all about. When the live stream started, I really didn’t know what to expect. They started with a little small talk but then jumped straight to the point and announced that they would be releasing a single that they had worked on together, on February 18th. The song is called “Gorgeous Disaster and would be released by TITUS ft. Kellin Quinn.

Before this live stream I had personally never had the pleasure of listening to music from TITUS…after the live stream you could say that I became a fan that has now listened to every one of his tracks. They talked about the song a little bit and then decided they should play the recording over the live stream to give people a preview of what was to come. When the song started, I was immediately drawn in by the slow and almost melancholic way that the guitar and vocals had that new school Blink-182 feel. That only lasted for a second because once the pre-chorus kicked in, I felt like I was jammin’ down Pacific Coast Highway on my motorcycle with the sunset lighting the sky on fire! This song immediately transported me to place I never wanted to leave. A place where we never worried about getting old, where we took chances without any regard for consequence, a place where right now was all that mattered and the young never died.

“Gorgeous Disaster” is a phenomenal pop-punk track with a new school Blink feel. The lyrics are an amazing tribute to a newfound love that you know will end badly but you pursue with reckless abandon anyway. While being extremely poppy and upbeat you can really get lost in the meaning. There is even a badass little breakdown that would be perfect for a circle-pit during live shows. I think the song carries such a perfect balance of “gorgeous” and “disaster”. The addition of Kellin Quinn on this track was a no brainer. Kellin’s vocals, both his verse/chorus and background, really add the perfect amount of flair and energy to this song. TITUS has been around for a while but I feel like this track has enough merit on its own to really put him on the map. I think people will really be paying attention as time goes on to see what this amazing artist has coming out in the future.

TITUS is a New Jersey-based singer/songwriter that’s more diverse than a Swiss Army Knife. From his early releases under the hip-hop/rap genre to his more recent pop-punk/emo tracks he has really proven himself as a true genrebending genius. Growing up in New Jersey in a single-parent household and spending most of his formative years skating and listening to music TITUS is a testament to the true power music can wield in our lives. Music has taken him across the globe, more than once, across the country with Warped Tour, and has introduced him to some pretty amazing people. That being said, TITUS just announced that he would be playing “So What!? Fest” in Arlington, TX on Friday May 27th 2022. The festival will also be featuring Sleeping with Sirens, so if youre lucky enough you may get to hear “Gorgeous Disaster” played live featuring Kellin Quinn. If youre like me, and based nowhere near Arlington, TX you can still enjoy the song “Gorgeous Disaster” on all major streaming platforms beginning Friday February 18th 2022.