Turnover Takes Over Tampa

After the release of their fifth studio album, Myself in the Way, Turnover brought their tour to The Ritz, in Tampa, Florida. Joined by openers The Gas, Video Age, and Riki, the array of artists gave the show an oscillating feel of rock, pop, and nostalgia. 

Kicking off the show was The Gas, a band very reminiscent of garage Rock N Roll with members appearing straight out of The Outsiders. Some highlights were the songs 14K Blues and Angel.

Followed by Video Age, a more dreamy pop style of music washed the crowd in spectral lights and good vibes. Favorites from this set include Shadow On The Wall and Hold On (I Was Wrong). The band also debuted some brand new songs for the roaring crowd off their upcoming album.

Riki brought a captivating performance to follow Video Age. Alone on stage backed by tracks reminiscent of synth rock, the crowd was hanging onto each move Riki made. Napoleon being one of the most enchanting of the set, her music is reminiscent of a darker Grimes and is definitely worth checking out.

Turnover then took over the stage among applause and cheers. Seeming to emit their sound from the dark, the band began with the song Tears of Change of their newest album. Only lit by the visuals of running horses behind them, the boys began to bring up their sound. Their alluring sound pulled the crowd into their performance, carrying them through their next performances of Myself in the Way and Ain’t Love Heavy.

It was clear the favorites of the night were the performances of the band’s popular Dizzy On the Comedown and Cutting My Fingers Off, but each song had the crowd undulating back and forth with the rhythm throughout the venue.

The crowd was one of the more pleasant ones I have observed in recent concerts. As lead vocalist Austin Getz put it himself, “I always say Turnover fans are the best because they show so much respect.” Getz was referring to the crowd’s initial reaction of each opener and the reception of their music, but it was clear throughout the night that Turnover fans do have a good basis of respect. While moving through the crowd to photograph the show, I was overhearing compliments and excitement for upcoming songs. It was a very pleasant night.

Turnover winds down the Myself in the Way tour by traveling back up the east coast through Philly, joined by many great bands along the way.

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