Yungblud performs at The Fillmore, Charlotte NC

Yungblud delivered his Life On Mars tour to an electric crowd at The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday.

Palaye Royale played a 40-minute set before Yungblud took the stage. The alternative rock band from Las Vegas is made of three brothers, Remington Leith (vocals), Sebastian Danzig (guitar), and Emerson Barrett (drums). 

They began their set with Nightmares, from their 2020 album, “The Bastards”. Their first album, Boom Boom Room Side A, released in 2016, propelled them into the spotlight as they toured with the 2016 Warped Tour. Since then, they have seen notable success and will be a joy to watch grow in the future. 

One of the most memorable songs was their cover of “Teenagers” by My Chemical Romance. It was weird to think that for the majority of the audience (myself included), this was their first time ever hearing this iconic anthem played live. 

Palaye Royale was a great and unique band to watch live. Their self described ”fashion-art rock band” brought a unique look and sound throughout the band’s set. Every member had a remarkable stage presence and effectively got the crowd pumped up for the show to follow. From climbing on speakers to jumping down in the photo pit (the mic wire almost took me out), these guys played their music with complete joy and enthusiasm. 

Fans anxiously awaited as a pair of lips were projected on a black curtain covering the stage. Ending with one final question, “Are you ready to celebrate love and music with every single ounce of your being?”, the curtain dropped to reveal Yungblud launching straight into strawberry lipstick, off his 2020 album “weird!”.

Right from the start Yungblud was practically sprinting from one side of the stage to the other, demonstrating his impressive showmanship. At various points in the concert he paused to talk about love, and preached why it was so important in today’s world. His speech was so effective one couple even got engaged (I doubt it was a direct result of his words, but still). The proposal happened during the appropriately named Love Song. When he heard fans screaming, he stopped the song and asked what happened. Once the proposal was made known, the couple was invited on stage to have their first dance as Yungblud restarted the song. 

Yungblud also spent around a minute between his first and second songs to admire the crowd. He walked around the stage with looks of admiration and pride, completely absorbing the experience. This was really fun to see from the audience. You couldn’t help but notice the passion and dedication he has put into both his career and every show.  He made  several remarks (and even an Instagram story later that night) about how the Charlotte show was truly special and he appreciates every single fan who came to watch him play. 

Seeing Yungblud live was a fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone, even if you’re barely familiar with a couple of his songs. The whole concert was a brilliant blend of hard rock and high energy, while still feeling safe and welcoming.


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